How do you create Java classes from Apache CXF WSDL2Java tool?

I am having an issue when creating Java classes (TririgaWS and TririgaWSPortType) from the Apache CXF WSDL2Java utility. I am using Apache CXF version 3.1.1. My TRIRIGA version is 3.5. The issue is that the CXF WSDL2Java tool is creating all Java services except the TririgaWS and TririgaWSPortType Java file.

I am generating the Java file via the command prompt:

> wsdl2java http://localhost:8001/ws/TririgaWS?wsdl

WSDLToJava Error: Parameter: content already exists for method delete but of type instead of Use a JAXWS/JAXB binding customization to rename the parameter.

Try using the -autoNameResolution argument in your command. For example:

wsdl2java -autoNameResolution http://localhost:8001/ws/TririgaWS?wsdl

[Admin: The same question is also posted in the triDeveloper Google group.]

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