UX: Why is triplat-datetime-picker “Done” button transparent?

I noticed that since upgrading from TRIRIGA to 3.5.2 (and, the “Done” button in the triplat-datetime-picker select modal is not visible since its background color is transparent (and therefore making the white text on the button blend in with the white background of the modal). Currently, we work around this with some CSS styling of the triplat-date-picker-element where it is used…

The style of the button is defined by the –tri-primary-button CSS mixin in the triplat-theme.html file. It can also be overridden by the application using the –triplat-date-picker-done-button mixin. Do you know if the –tri-primary-button has been changed in your environment? Or if your app uses the –triplat-date-picker-done-button mixin? Please do a fast test: Log on your app and open this URL…

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