Why does “Where Used” still show unreferenced fields being in use?

I’ve been making extensive changes to a couple of BOs, moving fields from one to another to avoid exceeding the 8K limit for row lengths in SQL Server. As I’m relocating fields and then trying to remove them from the from the original BO, I’m relying heavily on the “Where Used” function to let me know where fields are referenced in queries, forms, workflows, etc.

But now I’ve run into a problem. In Data Modeler, after removing all references to a field in a query, the “Where Used” function still sees the field as being in use, and of course I’m unable to delete the field from the BO. I’ve checked and double checked, I’ve even exported the SQL and verified that the field is not in use by the query.

I see this behavior with every query, and a couple of times, I have seen instances where a workflow has had references to a particular field removed but is still shown in “Where Used”. Stopping and restarting the publishing agent hasn’t helped, nor has clearing the cache. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.03.17 post about the “Where Used” feature not working as expected.]

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