Is there a way for Modify Records task to update the Locator field?

Is it possible to use a Modify Records task in the workflow to map or set the value of a locator field via an association?

I noticed in the database query tool that a locator field has two additional columns named TRIGEOGRAPHYCOSTINDEXT and TRIGEOGRAPHYCOSTINDEXTOBJID that are not visible in the Data Modeler. So when I use Modify Records task mapping, those two fields do not appear.

Yes, in the Modify task mapping, if you choose to map from one field to a locator field, it will save the OBJID in the T_ table. The key is that the text must be exactly what the locator expects.

So, let’s say you have a Time Zone locator that goes against the triTimeZone classification, triNameTX field. If your source field must contain the entire name, it would look something like “(GMT +12) Wellington, Auckland [Pacific/Auckland]”. If the source field just contained “Auckland”, the mapping to the locator would not work, because it looks it up via the Published Name. In other words, the name “Auckland” didn’t match the actual Published Name…

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