IV95499: System filter causes report to add totals differently

When you add a system filter to a report that has subtotal values (for instance, work tasks material total), the subtotals don’t add up. If you remove the system filters, the values add just fine.

You can reproduce this by creating 3 work tasks and adding a responsible person (for example, Abe Abstractor) that’s easier to spot. Each of the 3 work tasks have one currency: US Dollars, AUS Dollars, and Euro. Create a query report to list all work tasks. Add columns for values like material or time costs. Add a system filter to see only work tasks where the responsible person = Abe Abstractor (or the one you have chosen). The values will not add up correctly. Remove the system filter and it will calculate just fine.

We need to add a description about what is expected when summing non-base currency fields. If you sum a currency field, and it is not the base currency field that other fields convert into the base currency, then the summation of the column will just add the numbers up, without regard to the currency, and the currency UOM at the end of the report will be just the last UOM that happened to occur on the last record before the total row.

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