Is there another way to restart TRIRIGA service without BAT files?

To keep TRIRIGA from dropping servers, I have to restart the TRIRIGA service every night. Does anyone else have to do this? If so, how are you doing it?

I execute the “shutdown.bat” then the “run.bat” via Control-M. The location of these two BAT files are: D:\Tririga_3.5.1\wlp\bin. But the “binserver.bat” file does not exist: D:\Tririga_3.5.1\wlp\binserver.bat start tririgaServer. I’m using the WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) and it’s set up as a Windows service as well. Can I just restart the Windows service instead of the BAT files? Why doesn’t the “binserver.bat” exist?

The “run.bat” file seems to work just fine, but my Control-M job gets hung up. So I would like to find another way to restart the service if possible.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.16.16 post about restarting TRIRIGA on WAS Liberty Profile in Windows, and the 04.28.16 post about running a WAS Liberty Profile as a Windows service.]

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