IV95502: OnChange workflow failure within Contact Center

We have a Training environment, which is a copy of a Production environment. The Training environment is on TRIRIGA and the source came from a TRIRIGA Production platform. We are witnessing unusual behavior across the Training environment, including the following case.

Within the Contact Center, we select the Requested By, which we would expect to auto-populate the Requested For and a number of other fields. The OnChange workflow that takes care of this fires, but the first workflow task (Get People Record) returns 0 results the first time around, causing the Modify Record tasks later in the workflow to fail. When we attempt to clear the Requested By field, the OnChange workflow is called again and this time, fires and then maps the data as it should have done with the first process of selecting the Requested By.

We needed to call an internal platform construct a different way. This is a regression because of the Spring Framework (Spring.io) upgrade from TRIRIGA 4.0.5 to 4.3.0. Moving forward, when an OnChange workflow is triggered by a locator field update, the workflow will now retrieve referenced data used in Modify Metadata tasks.

[Admin: A similar question is also posted in the TRIRIGA Around the World Facebook group. To see other related posts, use the OnChange tag.]

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