What is the new Access Summary sub-tab in 3.5.2 Security Manager?

If you are an administrator for TRIRIGA, chances are you have access to Security Manager, which is responsible for granting access to the TRIRIGA applications through the security groups. Prior to TRIRIGA 3.5.2, the only way to view security access was to go to the Access tab and then view the Access Configuration. That is where you would grant (or remove) access. However, in TRIRIGA 3.5.2, on the Access tab, a new Access Summary sub-tab was added.

The Access Summary sub-tab will show you in a column format, the permissions of the tool/module, form, tab, and section. You are able to filter by each of those fields. Once you see the data, you can start using the filters to look at the access…

This tab should now make it much easier to identify what a security group has access to. If you find yourself limited with what you want to do within the tab, there is an Export button, that will export the data into a tab-delimited .txt file…

[Admin: A similar article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal. This post is related to the 03.07.16 post about best practices for managing your security groups.]

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