IV96647: Reading-based schedules set to “One Time Only” are repeating

When creating a reading-based PM schedule with an action occurrence set to “One Time Only”, I would expect that only one task would be created when that rule is met. We are finding that it is creating a task every time you enter a reading that exceeds that threshold.

For example, if I enter a reading today and it is above the threshold of 170, then I expect a work task to be generated. But if I enter a subsequent reading and it is still above 170, then the system generates another work task again. This is not “One Time Only”. This is more like “Any Time”.

The reading-based PM schedules were not working as expected when the action occurrence is selected as “One Time Only”. Moving forward, the issue has been resolved by modifying the workflow for the “One Time Only” selection. The work tasks are now created only one time when the condition is met.

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