MACS: How do you use IBM TRIRIGA in the “new normal” workplace?

Utilizing IBM TRIRIGA, you can adapt to any circumstance with the support of MACS

By Rebecca Simm

In a year where we have had to be both adaptive and responsive in the way we work, MACS can use the knowledge we have gained to improve your working environment for your organization. Utilizing IBM TRIRIGA, you can make confident decisions and adapt to any circumstance, with the support of MACS.

As we find ourselves navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, business managers are likely wondering what will happen when things return to the “new normal”. The latest research from Gartner shows at least 41% of employees will continue to work remotely, at least part of the time after working environments reopen fully…

IBM TRIRIGA can help businesses in real estate and facilities to manage their buildings effectively. Having one central database, you’ll have actionable insights to determine occupancy requirements, and how well you’re using your available space.

To secure a safe working environment for their staff, Space Planners and Facility Managers are facing a set of unique challenges. While floor plans and furniture layouts may not have changed, the new need for social distancing has. Spaces that previously had an occupancy of 20 people, are now restricted to 3-4 employees…

IBM TRIRIGA can assist you in the day-to-day running of your workplaces, ensuring all staff are safe. Making the right decisions with an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution could save your organization money and time, and most importantly, create a safe workplace for all employees…

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.25.20 post about workplace strategies for safety that you can use today.]

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2 thoughts on “MACS: How do you use IBM TRIRIGA in the “new normal” workplace?

  1. Hey Jay,

    It’s been a long time since original TRIRIGA days, it’s been a good ride. Hey we’re going to post a blog on our website about TRIRIGA UX and I’m wondering if we can get your permission to use the attached image you create to make it look prettier. We were hesitant to use anything on the IBM website, but it looks like you created this one yourself. Please let me know if this is okay or suggest an alternate source for a relevant image.

    Thanks very much, I’ve enjoyed your posts over the years and I hope they keep on coming.

    Mike Singleton Chief Delivery Officer EBUSINESS STRATEGIES Enterprise Workplace Consulting




    • Hey Mike, I remember we played foosball, right? Yeah, still a wild ride. Let’s see, if you mean this particular MACS image with the hands and blueprint, I actually grabbed it from the linked original MACS post, haha. For my independent blog, because I linked to the source post, I should be fine. But I’m not sure in your case. Otherwise, you can grab royalty-free images from or similar sites. No problem. you’re welcome and thanks! P.S. I do have a few old Dec-Jan posts that I haven’t had the chance or energy to add, so we’ll see.


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