IV97332: Capital project locations are not displaying on GIS map

In TRIRIGA 10.5.1, if you navigate to Home > Projects, and have the “Projects – Projects Landing Page – Default” portal in place, the primary locations for any projects you have listed in the “My Active Projects” portal section are flagged in the “My Project Locations” portal section. But in TRIRIGA 10.5.2, this does not […]

Why aren’t capital projects viewable by non-Admin users?

We have some capital projects created, and they are viewable only when logged in as an Admin-level person. But as non-Admins, we are unable to view the projects. If we login as a non-Admin and click on the magnifying glass, a query comes where no projects are shown in searching for it. It’s no use […]

IV93170: Revised Funds discounted twice in capital projects

This was seen with TRIRIGA Application 10.5.2. The final amount for the Revised Funds is being discounted twice for positive or negative values… Check the Revised Funds value. In the client’s example, it was expected to be $900,000.00 USD as only $100,000.00 was discounted out of $1 million USD. But it was discounted twice and […]

IV88631: Funding allocations to multiple capital projects

Create two capital projects with identical names. Add those two projects to the program. Add funding for the first project from the fund that you created on the program. Add funding to the second project, from the same funding source. Open the first project again, and you will see the funding you just added to Project […]

IV86141: Capital Project Manager license doesn’t give access to BO

The client has a IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Manager license only. This license provides access to the Surveys business object ([triSurvey] triSurvey) and the Checklist Items business object ([triItem] triCheckListItem). But not the Survey Questions business object ([triItem] triSurveyQuestion). To be able to use the surveys, the clients need a way to be able to […]

Announcing the IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Accelerator

[Updated 03.28.15] This video provides an overview for the IBM TRIRIGA® Capital Projects Accelerator, that is a cookbook that gives detailed step-by-step instructions to get to value with TRIRIGA Capital Projects Management in 30 days or less. For each step, the exact ‘how to’ with tools & techniques is described. Also data loading templates and […]

Applying templates to capital projects

In IBM TRIRIGA Application 10.3, the application logic was modified to allow Capital Project security to be enforced when applying a template to a Capital Project record in “Draft”. Customers that use Capital Projects with security groups enforced and who are also using a version earlier than IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.3 need to be […]

Is there a way to switch from the company view to facility project?

By default, the “Company|Project” toggle switcher allows switching to a capital project. Is it possible to switch to a facility project? No. The facility project was not created with the same structure as the capital project. So the silo behavior that is associated to the capital project is not provided for facility project. But it […]

Why is there a “Refresh” button on the Project Tasks query section?

There is a “Refresh” button on the Project Tasks query section (on the Schedule tab of Capital Projects) which doesn’t appear to do anything. It also doesn’t appear in Form Builder, so we cannot seem to remove this button. Does anyone have any clue: (1) What does it do? No workflows run, as far as […]

IV93811: Privilege escalation vulnerability in project context

The project context can be set to a project where the user does not have Capital Project security access. A user cannot modify or update data inside the project when they do this. However, the TRIRIGA platform should prevent the setting of this context from ever occurring in the first place. Users can set the […]