Why aren’t the INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS file types uploaded as expected?

When trying to upload a file type that should be allowed based on the contents of the INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS and EXCLUDE_EXTENSIONS lines, the user gets a message stating that uploading a file of that type is not allowed. Why? Adding spaces in the extension list will invalidate any other defined value after the first one listed. […]

Why doesn’t the document preview work in TRIRIGA

After upgrading our platform from TRIRIGA to, the document previews for file extensions such as PDF and XLS/XLSX have stopped working in both TRIRIGA Document Manager and TRIRIGA records such as Projects > Notes & Documents > Print Preview. We have set the TRIRIGAWEB.properties property IMPORT_CONTENT_INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS for .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, and […]

IV87304: IMPORT_CONTENT property should not be case-sensitive

Within TRIRIGAWEB.properties, the IMPORT_CONTENT_INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS property is case-sensitive and should not be. We needed to test extensions with insensitive case. Moving forward, the properties of IMPORT_CONTENT_EXCLUDE_EXTENSIONS and IMPORT_CONTENT_INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS will now be honored regardless of the case that they are entered into the TRIRIGAWEB.properties file. Continue reading →

IV82434: Upload of malicious or unauthorized file types

The TRIRIGA application allows the upload of malicious file types, such as scripts, malware, and Trojans. A malicious user can run commands on the server, using an uploaded shell which will have adverse impact. The TRIRIGAWEB.properties setting IMPORT_CONTENT_INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS is non-functional, allowing users to upload malicious files. The TRIRIGAWEB property IMPORT_CONTENT_INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS was not being honored in […]

Having an issue with restricting the upload of certain file types

In the TRIRIGAWEB.properties file, I’m using the following variables to restrict .exe files from being uploaded to TRIRIGA: IMPORT_CONTENT_EXCLUDE_EXTENSIONS and IMPORT_CONTENT_INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS. I want to “protect” Document Manager and Notes & Documents on the triWorkTask form from .exe files. I tried to limit .exe files using the exclude extension only property, and even when I included […]