Where can you find a list of available IBM TRIRIGA reports?

Here are several lists of reports delivered with the as-shipped TRIRIGA solution: TRIRIGA Reports_10.5.2_3.5.2.xlsx (Note: See the Excel tabs for the BIRT reports.) TRIRIGA Reports_10.4.2_3.4.2.xls (Note: This report list does not have any BIRT reports.) TRIRIGA Reports_10.3.1_3.3.1.pdf Continue reading → Advertisements

IV95184: Report Manager “Where Used” fails with single quote mark

If you add a single quote to a query name and click “Where Used”, it causes errors. I suspect this is due to the SQL generated, as it would require an extra single quote to pass the string correctly. If you add another single quote, to ‘escape’ the character, it will work correctly. This is […]

Why does “Where Used” still show unreferenced fields being in use?

I’ve been making extensive changes to a couple of BOs, moving fields from one to another to avoid exceeding the 8K limit for row lengths in SQL Server. As I’m relocating fields and then trying to remove them from the from the original BO, I’m relying heavily on the “Where Used” function to let me […]

UX: Where can you find the TRIRIGA UX component documentation?

Component API documentation for developing applications with UX Framework is deployed with your TRIRIGA server. Component documentation can be accessed via the following endpoint: http[s]://[tririga-hostname:port][/context_path]/p/web/doc The [tririga-hostname:port] and [/context_path] are the specific values you’d normally use to access your IBM TRIRIGA environment. Once at the component documentation page, you can browse or search the TRIRIGA […]

IV94679: “Where Used” feature not working as expected

When using the “Where Used” function, there are some instances where it is not working properly. If you go to the “triAsset – Associated to Building” query and click the “Where Used” tab, it is used by the “triCarbonCalculationRequest” section on a Find action, the “triRequest > triCarbonCalculation > triCarbonCalculationRequest” form. However, the actual query […]

Where can you find the IBM TRIRIGA performance best practices?

Based on customer feedback, the PDF format of the Best Practices for IBM TRIRIGA 3.5.x System Performance is replaced with this more easily navigable wiki format. For PDF documents on earlier versions of TRIRIGA, go to the Versions tab on this page. Best Practices for IBM TRIRIGA System Performance Use these System Performance best practices to improve […]

Where can you find the IBM TRIRIGA Workflow Analysis Utility?

The IBM TRIRIGA Workflow Analysis Utility analyzes workflow performance and process execution. The utility reads IBM TRIRIGA performance logs and displays performance analytics for workflows, including workflow execution time, and process flow (the order in which workflows ran and what triggered them to run). Download and unzip the WorkflowAnalysisUtility.zip file (from IBM developerWorks). Included in […]

Where does the “Tax Rate %” come from in the PO line item?

Does anyone know where the “Tax Rate %” comes from when the purchase order line item is created? It’s just a number field where you can enter a tax rate when you create the PO line item… Out of the box, you manually enter this value. [Admin: The same question is also posted in the triDeveloper Google […]

Where is the latest AutoCAD Command Line API for 12.1.5?

With the release of CAD Integrator-Publisher (CI) 12.1.5 included with TRIRIGA 3.5.2, we added some additional API commands to enhance reporting capabilities. The new commands have been reflected in the TRIRIGA wiki. Command Specifications (12.1.5.x and later) CiApplyTheme CiQueryThemes CiApplyReport CiQueryReports CiApplyLabelStyle CiQueryLabelStyles CiApplyLabelFilter CiQueryLabelFilters [Admin: This post is related to the 12.12.16 post and 10.30.15 post […]

Where can you find information about IBM TRIRIGA 3.5.2 and 10.5.2?

Where is the information regarding IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.2 and IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.2 features, installation, and more? Download instructions for IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.2 and IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.2 IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.2 and IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.2 Compatibility Matrix Release notes for IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.2 and IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.2 (PDF) What’s new […]