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Established in 2000, TRIRIGA was a privately-held company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company began as a developer of Web-based business automation software for the hospitality, aerospace, and design/build industries. At the time, the company’s enterprise-class software platform, TRIRIGA Intelligent Business System (IBS), offered a suite of tools to improve manufacturing, engineering, construction, procurement, and maintenance operations. Several of the earliest TRIRIGA clients included Marnell Corrao Associates, Wynn Design & Development, and Aerospace Concepts.

In 2002, during the financial collapse of Peregrine Systems, TRIRIGA acquired that company’s FacilityCenter CAFM product (originally acquired from Innovative Tech Systems), and FacilityCenter Reserve room-booking product (originally acquired from Critical Path). By acquiring the FacilityCenter product line, TRIRIGA entered the broader asset management space, including design, project management, facilities management, and maintenance management.

By 2005, TRIRIGA was named by foremost industry analyst firms as the leader in Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). By 2008, it was named as the leader in sustainability software with its TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability (TREES) offering. Not only did TRIRIGA deliver the industry’s most advanced capabilities such as configurable workflow and performance analytics engines, the company provided enterprise sustainability, real estate, and facilities management solutions for mid- and large-sized commercial and public enterprises, including more than one-third of the Fortune 100.

TRIRIGA User Conference 2009

In 2011, IBM completed the acquisition of TRIRIGA to accelerate its smarter buildings initiatives. At the time, IBM TRIRIGA was offered as a Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure solution, alongside Tivoli, Maximo, Netcool, Endpoint Manager, and SmartCloud service management software.

In 2015, IBM announced that it “will invest $3 billion over the next four years to establish a new Internet of Things (IoT) unit [under IBM Analytics], and that it is building a cloud-based open platform designed to help clients and ecosystem partners build IoT solutions”. This IoT unit included TRIRIGA. Six months later, IBM announced that the IoT unit was no longer under IBM Analytics, but was now its own independent IBM IoT business unit alongside IBM Analytics and IBM Cloud. At the end of the year, IBM announced “the opening of its global headquarters for Watson Internet of Things (IoT)… designed to extend the power of cognitive computing”. The IBM IoT business unit became the IBM Watson IoT business unit.

In 2017, IBM deepened its strategic partnership with Wipro Limited to jointly develop and deliver IBM TRIRIGA solutions. The IBM TRIRIGA software development and support teams retained the “IBM TRIRIGA” name, but they were now reorganized under Wipro Limited with a shared IBM-Wipro roadmap.

What does TRIRIGA mean?

A tririga (trī-ˈrē-gə) is a team of three horses yoked three abreast, commonly associated with the use of chariots during the Roman Empire. Also known as triga. When four horses are similarly harnessed side-by-side, it is called a quadriga. Tririga is derived from the Latin singular of tririgae team of three, which is a contraction of the proper tririjugae (triri-, three and jugae, to yoke, or join).

This is the definition of a Roman Empire-era word derived from Latin but not found in abridged versions of common English-language references such as the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language or the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. This work is an ancillary product of research conducted by D.A. Webb for a writing project involving Roman history.

TRIRIGA is also the provider of facility and real estate management software solutions, which help clients regarding space usage, evaluate alternative real estate initiatives, generate higher returns from capital projects and assess environmental impact investments. TRIRIGA was acquired by IBM in 2011. The acquisition added advanced real estate intelligence to the company’s smarter buildings initiative. TRIRIGA founders cited the definition above, including the fact that Roman Emperors would use tririga chariots upon triumphant, celebratory returns to Rome from victorious conquests.

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About TRIRIGA Foosball

In January 2009, George Ahn, our TRIRIGA CEO at the time, introduced our very first professional foosball table to our Las Vegas office! In February 2009, TRIRIGA management launched our very first organized foosball tournament as a company-wide team-building interactive experience. The rest is history!

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