End of support for some TRIRIGA versions and supported platforms

As we approach the end of the first quarter, we thought we’d send a reminder about some of our IBM Watson IoT product versions and supported platforms that are currently scheduled for End of Support (EOS) in April 2017:

  • 30 April 2017: 5725-F25, IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio Data Manager, 10.2.x

Related announcements:

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.26.16 post about End of Support (EOS) plans for TRIRIGA versions.]

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What changed in net rent payments for non-monthly frequencies?

In TRIRIGA 10.5.2, the Net Rent Payments for non-monthly recurring frequencies is no longer spread out across the fiscal months. Previously in 10.5.1, an annual amount would be divided across the 12 months in the Net Rent Payment column of the fiscal line item (FLI). In 10.5.2, the annual amount is only shown in the fiscal month of which it is due.

The functionality was changed between 10.3 and 10.4, but changed back to the original functionality with the release of TRIRIGA 10.5.2. Specifically, with the release of 10.5.2, we changed the default setting of the Standard Calendar check box.

This feature was introduced in TRIRIGA 10.4.2. Prior to 10.4.2, the default functionality followed the Standard Calendar functionality. Between 10.4.2 and 10.5.1, the default was that this was not checked (did not follow the Standard Calendar functionality). With TRIRIGA 10.5.2, we changed the default back to what it used to be prior to 10.4.2, to use the Standard Calendar. In 10.5.1, the Standard Calendar check box was not checked. In 10.5.2, it is checked by default…

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Why can’t you delete invalid values in List Manager after 10.5.2 OM?

I’ve noticed that after the upgrade for the 10.5.2 application, the Association Type list in List Manager has what appears to be bad or inappropriate values. Also, it doesn’t appear that I can delete them. The check box that is normally displayed for each entry is missing. The inappropriate values include:


Changes related to the UX framework caused changes to be introduced to the application OM. These need to be cleaned up in applications where the 10.5.2 OM package has been applied. At this time, the entries can be left alone as they are not being used and have no impact. We are developing a solution to remove these invalid entries and this document will be updated once that is made available.

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Why aren’t service requests available after customizing form?

When submitting a Change Space or Need Space request, I see the following message when I click on the Create Draft button:

“No services are available under the Service Request section for the building. Please contact the Application Administrator.”

If you look at the triBuilding form, it does not appear to have a “Service Request” section. Where should I be looking on the building record to address the issue?

This error is happening because I changed the name of the triChangeSpace form to cstChangeSpace since I needed to customize the form. If I keep my changes in place, I can rename the form to triChangeSpace and this message does not appear. The message also did not prevent me from being able to submit the request. The form name change also prevented me from selecting the Service Request type in the form, which I think is why the message is displayed in the first place…

As a side note, with the 3.5.1 introduction of object labels and revisions, you’re not required in 3.5.1 or later to use the classic “cst” naming convention any more. To others interested, for reference, here are the new naming convention best practices.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.10.16 post about finding information on object labels and revisions.]

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IV93170: Revised Funds discounted twice in capital projects

This was seen with TRIRIGA Application 10.5.2. The final amount for the Revised Funds is being discounted twice for positive or negative values…

Check the Revised Funds value. In the client’s example, it was expected to be $900,000.00 USD as only $100,000.00 was discounted out of $1 million USD. But it was discounted twice and it showed $800,000.00 in the Revised Funds column.

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IV92935: “Must Exercise By” date is calculated incorrectly

This defect focuses on the Real Estate Contract form > Clauses, Options, and Terms tab. When entering a specific duration, the Must Exercise By date is calculated incorrectly. Furthermore, there are other dates in the Exercise Date Notification that are also calculated incorrectly, but they are driven from the Must Exercise By field.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal as a technote.]

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