Is there an IBM TRIRIGA preview site?

Public Beta

IBM TRIRIGA hosts a public beta for review and evaluation of our upcoming releases. You can access the site here. There is a very simple registration application that you must fill out, in order to gain access. That registration application can be found here (username: beta, password: signup).

We also have a public Slack channel to which you can request access, where you can engage development of new and upcoming features, as well as gain early previews of release notes and support matrices.

The IBM TRIRIGA beta is going to be refreshed to start our 3.5.3/10.5.3 beta on December 29th, and will be available again by January 3rd. During the refresh, the beta server will be unavailable.  All previous user accounts will be removed, and registration will be required again to create new accounts and access the beta.

SaaS Demo

There’s also an IBM TRIRIGA demo site where you don’t have to register. Our TRIRIGA SaaS or “cloud” version has a viewable demo here.

[Admin: A similar message is also posted in the TRIRIGA Around the World Facebook group. This post is related to the 11.13.15 post about IBM TRIRIGA SaaS in the Cloud Shop.]

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IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Watson Analytics overview

Here’s an overview and demo of the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Watson Analytics, which lets business professionals easily integrate their TRIRIGA building data directly into Watson Analytics. Presented by Paul Lacey, Offering Manager for IBM TRIRIGA.

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Why should you upgrade your IBM TRIRIGA environment?

Many times, a client may hear a support engineer say that they should upgrade to the latest version. Why do I keep hearing that? Especially if upgrading will take time, money, and resources?

TRIRIGA, like all other software, evolves. We continuously fix defects and add new functionality. For instance, if you are on version 3.3.2, some of the features you cannot take advantage of include improved logging capabilities, which makes it easier for us to help you troubleshoot an issue. Also included is improved security and, more recently, object labels and revisions. Since software can sometimes have defects, you never know when a defect might impact your business. But why wait for it to impact you? Upgrade so that it won’t happen. New functionality is also added into the software and you may want to take advantage of it.

Another reason to upgrade is that software uses various technologies, which changes faster than New England weather! Technology is constantly changing and TRIRIGA must keep up in order to keep it running. That technology can be in operating system updates, browser versions, application servers and Java, to name a few. Support may often recommend staying current with product releases, but it is always good to review the release notes for the current release…

[Admin: Another upgrade option to consider, barring heavy customization, is a cloud-based TRIRIGA SaaS solution where upgrades are performed by the SaaS provider instead.]

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Does IBM TRIRIGA support Microsoft Azure?

Does IBM TRIRIGA support Microsoft Azure? It is not listed in any TRIRIGA Compatibility Matrix.

TRIRIGA supports any cloud offering that supports the same operating systems that the TRIRIGA product supports. The TRIRIGA team will never set up, test, or claim direct support of Microsoft Azure. If Azure supports an operating system that TRIRIGA supports (for example, Windows Server 2012 R2), you can use it. If an issue happens and it only occurs when run on Azure, you should raise the issue with Microsoft, so they can investigate why what should work on the supported operating system directly does not also work through their cloud platform.

[Admin: This post is related to the 01.28.16 post about Amazon Web Services (AWS).]

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How can you combine IBM Watson Analytics and IoT with TRIRIGA?

How can IBM Watson Analytics and IoT technology be combined with TRIRIGA to achieve real estate and facilities management goals? How can we leverage Watson Analytics and IoT technology to improve TRIRIGA capabilities?

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.24.15 post about unlocking TRIRIGA possibilities with Watson Analytics, the 03.23.15 post about connecting TRIRIGA to Watson Analytics, and the 06.05.16 featured post about the difference between Watson Analytics and cognitive IoT.]

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PhotonStar is at the vanguard of machine-to-machine technology

PhotonStar is at the vanguard of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, also known as the internet of things (IoT). It has developed the Halcyon intelligent wireless lighting system and is moving swiftly to control other areas of the office environment such as heating, water and noise. It even has a remote window-blind system that responds to the changes in the weather…

Holding it all together is its Halcyon cloudBMS software remotely connecting multiple buildings, built on IBM’s Watson IoT platform that segues with the technology giant’s Maximo and TRIRIGA facilities management systems. Being able to remotely control the whole building ecosystem across multiple sites can lead to huge energy savings. Significant further economies can be garnered from fixing a device before it goes wrong using what’s called predictive maintenance…

The partnership with IBM was not coincidental; the technology and consulting giant’s systems are embedded with around 80% of building managers worldwide that are also potential customers of PhotonStar…

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Recipe: How do you use EnOcean sensors with Watson IoT RTI to create TRIRIGA work tasks?

For example, let’s say that a new System Administrator joins the company and needs to inspect the server room. The System Admin presses the switch on the door of the server room. Based on the pressed action, an event is generated from the switch sensor, which is connected to the IBM Watson IoT Platform. The IBM Watson IoT Real-Time Insights (RTI) analytics server captures the event in real time and alerts the Facility Manager for the server room. Based on the validation, the Facility Manager provides server room access to the System Admin and closes the work task in IBM TRIRIGA.


  • 1. EnOcean sensors.
  • 2. EnOcean smart gateway and software.
  • 3. IBM Watson IoT Platform and Real-Time Insights (RTI).
  • 4. TRIRIGA server (Version 10.5).


  • 1. Set up the EnOcean sensor and configure it with the EnOcean smart gateway.
  • 2. Create the EnOcean sensors as the devices, and the EnOcean smart gateway as the gateway in the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • 3. After the devices and gateways are registered, send the event and check the heartbeat of the sensors in the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • 4. Configure the Real-Time Insights (RTI) service to capture the EnOcean sensor events and feed the RTI rule for server room permission in TRIRIGA.
  • 5. Configure the custom REST in TRIRIGA using OSLC, Report Query, and Portal Builder.


[Admin: This post is related to the 03.23.16 post about using Real-Time Insights with TRIRIGA work orders to close a fridge door, and the 03.08.16 post about configuring a Watson IoT app on Bluemix to create TRIRIGA work orders. To see other related posts, use the Recipe tag or EnOcean tag.]

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