How do you get max or min value from query in extended formula?

I would like to use an extended formula to resolve my requirement. In the triBuilding form, I need to show the max and min values of triLevelNU of the triFloor which belong to the triBuilding record. So I’ve create a query based on triFloor with a simple association filter on triBuilding record. This query has only two fields: triNameTX and triLevelNU…

I’ve used my query to get all of the triLevelNU values of triFloor. But how can get the max value of this list? When we use the mode “Values”, do we get an array? Is it possible to get the max value from a query?

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IV94020: Query calling multiple SQL statements that check permissions

The query engine is calling multiple SQL statements that check permissions for module and form-level access for each row returned.

A sample report runs pairs of duplicated SQL statements with very similar bind variables. It first selects the SERVICE_ID using 3 bind variables, then repeats the process, checking for a Template ID of -1 with otherwise identical binds to the first statement. We see appsec.getValidSecurityServiceIds calls to the APP_OBJECT_PERMISSION that data should be cached.

The query engine was looking up security group tab information for every BO in the report crossed with every group a user is assigned to. Moving forward, we reduced the number of calls to the database for non-admin users when checking security by adding a new cache.

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Why can’t you delete invalid values in List Manager after 10.5.2 OM?

I’ve noticed that after the upgrade for the 10.5.2 application, the Association Type list in List Manager has what appears to be bad or inappropriate values. Also, it doesn’t appear that I can delete them. The check box that is normally displayed for each entry is missing. The inappropriate values include:


Changes related to the UX framework caused changes to be introduced to the application OM. These need to be cleaned up in applications where the 10.5.2 OM package has been applied. At this time, the entries can be left alone as they are not being used and have no impact. We are developing a solution to remove these invalid entries and this document will be updated once that is made available.

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Why are different object labels displayed for the selected label?

Why are different object labels displayed for the object label that I selected in Object Label Manager?

In IBM TRIRIGA 3.5.2, this is new and it is working as designed… The list of objects on the Labeled Objects tab contains not only objects that currently have the object label, but also objects that previously had the object label. The current label for each object is displayed in the Current Object Label column.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.10.16 post about finding information on object labels, and the 05.17.16 post about whether to stop renaming objects.]

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IV93959: Admin Console shows old pre-3.2

Even when new-style 3.2+ licenses (LICENSE_IBM_TRIRIGA_<feature>.properties files) are in place, and no old-style pre-3.2 license (single file) is present, the Admin Console “System Manager” panel still contains a “TRIRIGA License” choice, which, when clicked, displays what appears to be an encrypted file.

If there is no old-style pre-3.2 license file present, it is confusing that the system makes it look like a file is still present and being used. Is it possible to disable the “TRIRIGA License” link within the “System Manager” panel? Or redirect the display to the Admin Console “License Manager” panel?

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.08.16 post about finding information on TRIRIGA licenses. To see other related posts, use the License tag.]

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How do you migrate documents from one environment to another?

Is it possible to migrate documents from one TRIRIGA environment to another?

Yes, documents can be migrated from one environment to another, but I would recommend that you focus on “system” documents like BIRT reports, or Excel sheets used for offline processes. I would not use object migration (OM) to migrate documents in large quantities…

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.02.16 post about integrating with CMIS or ECM solutions, the 06.09.16 post about using an ECM solution instead of Document Manager, and the 04.13.16 post about uploading 6500 locations with several attachments each.]

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UX: What is the issue with this triplat-ds-search-input code?

I watched the TRIRIGA 3.5.2 video by Raphael on triplat-ds-search-input, but I could not entirely follow it. I’m new to TRIRIGA UX, and would like to play around with this feature. I tried to follow as closely as I could, but I seem to get the following issue…

As you can see, it gets stuck on loading results (expecting 2 records to show as there are 2 people records with name that has “Hui”). Currently, snippets of my codes can be seen here related to <triplat-ds-search-input>… I noticed that the [[appendFilters]] is actually an empty array. Is that how it’s supposed to be? Also, would there be any sample source codes uploaded for our reference?

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