Can we build a simple UX application?

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Implementing UX: Can we build a simple UX application?

Yes, I think we can! After all, this is what you were waiting for, right? At this point, you should have a better idea of the concepts and components.

For our example, we’ll build a simple 3-field 3-button application by (1) defining a model with a single data source, (2) defining the view connections to a model-and-view and application, and (3) defining and designing a view with a single HTML file. Sounds easy, huh?

Here are the basic steps:

  • Define your model.
    • Optional: Add the business object.
    • 1: Add the model.
    • 2: Add the data source.
    • 3: Add a few fields for your data source.
  • Define your view connections.
    • 4: Add the view.
    • 5: Add the model-and-view.
    • 6: Add the application for your model-and-view.
  • Define your view.
    • 7: Set up the view sync.
    • 8: Add the HTML file for your view.
    • 9: Access the application.
  • Design your view.
    • 10: Start the view sync.
    • 11: Add a paragraph element to your HTML file.
    • 12: Add a few field elements to your HTML file.
    • 13: Add a few button elements to your HTML file.

[Admin: To follow the detailed steps, see the original mobile-friendly PDF.]

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