What are our future plans?

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Introducing UX: What are our future plans?

While we can’t promise any specific dates for any advanced features, I think we have an exciting vision. As outlined by Ryan Koppelman, our manager of TRIRIGA platform development, here are many of the goals we’ve set by building a more-flexible UX framework on top of our solid but less-flexible classic framework. We hope you can join the ride.

Strategy Classic UX
SaaS Applications are robust but difficult to rearrange into digestible chunks, resulting in an intimidating interface. Role-based or task-based approach with a simplified UI makes it easier to create intuitive applications.
Mobile Form-UI code is established and reliable but difficult to adapt to responsive display for mobile applications. View-UI code that leverages built-in features of Google Polymer elements is “mobile responsive” out-of-the-box.
User Experience Application and platform components are diverse but have grown inefficient from years of adding features. Outside-in approach gives insights into streamlining the application design, look-and-feel, and performance.
Upgradeability Customizations are flexible but difficult to track, making application upgrades costly. Built-in capability for simpler customizations makes it easier to track and upgrade.
Continuous Delivery Core design is durable but difficult to enhance, and prone to regression with each addition or change. MVC design pattern makes it more agile to update, easier to add features, and quicker to build applications.

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