What exactly is TRIRIGA UX?

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Introducing UX: What exactly is TRIRIGA UX?

Mike describes it in a nutshell: “[TRIRIGA UX] is a new framework to support designing and building user experiences.” Adding his earlier words, the UX framework “implements an MVC architecture for TRIRIGA applications.” In turn, MVC decouples many of our existing pieces. But what exactly does that mean? Will components be rebuilt? Or replaced?

Luckily, despite its partial MVC pattern, the core design of our existing framework is pretty solid. Which means that many of the elements can be reused without any modification. Or at worst, with minimal modifications.

Building on this foundation, the UX framework introduces two new metadata concepts: (1) the model to retrieve the data and trigger the business logic, and (2) the view to render the interfaces or forms. The new renders will be “bolt-on” views that can be quickly added or removed, and will still use our existing application data and workflows.

As the UX framework matures, we plan to develop a new “model designer” or “model builder” metadata construct to support the model. Similarly, we plan to develop a new “view designer” or “view builder” metadata construct to support the view. We don’t need to develop a new metadata construct for the controller since existing workflows and state families can already serve this function. In any case, stay tuned!

To visualize these metadata concepts, here’s a high-level illustration that compares our classic builder tools to our maturing UX designer tools.


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