What are Perceptive apps?

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Navigating UX: What are Perceptive apps?

Before we take a peek at the new UX apps and tools, let’s take a moment to refresh our memories once again, reinforce a few definitions, and introduce a new one. Even now, you might still be wondering: “What are Perceptive apps?” Hopefully, the following distinctions will make sense.

Term Definition
UX framework Used generically as our “user experience” (UX) application framework, or more specifically as our IBM TRIRIGA UX Framework for Perceptive Applications, this term refers to our MVC-based approach for UX applications.

The model-view-controller (MVC) approach separates the application into three components or layers: the model, view, and controller. The view layer is built upon the Polymer library of reusable web components.

UX application (or app)  During the app-designing process, this term refers to the application metadata that pulls together related model metadata and view metadata in the MVC-based approach, all of which are built upon our UX framework.

The model metadata defines the data sources which retrieve the data and trigger the business logic, while the view metadata defines the HTML components which render the interfaces.

Perceptive application (or app) This term refers to an advanced type of UX application that is designed, developed, and delivered exclusively by our IBM TRIRIGA software team.

Built upon the Polymer library of reusable web components, Perceptive applications enable organizations to more easily meet business requirements with an intuitive user interface, compatibility with touch interfaces, and improved performance.

Classic application This term refers to our familiar form-based type of IBM TRIRIGA application that is built upon our classic IBM TRIRIGA application platform.

In other words, if you built and extended your first UX apps by following the examples and exercises in my earlier articles, those wouldn’t be called “Perceptive” apps. I’d call them custom UX apps, but not “Perceptive” apps. By comparison, the following Space apps would qualify as full-fledged TRIRIGA-built “Perceptive” apps. Are you ready to take a peek?

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