What's new in the classic platform tools?

[Admin: This content comes from the original mobile-friendly PDF.]

Navigating UX: What’s new in the classic platform tools?

To switch gears, our classic TRIRIGA platform tools enable you to “configure… and extend the use and value” of TRIRIGA applications. With these classic tools, you can take advantage of globalization, object migration, security groups, and other administrative options.

Here are some of the new classic options that support our UX framework:

  • What’s new in the Admin Console tool?
    • Translated UX File Cache.
    • Translated Dictionary Cache.
    • Refresh Cache.
  • What’s new in the Globalization tool?
    • Dictionary.
    • Dictionary Export.
    • Translatable Text.
    • Globalization Manager and Dictionary Records.
  • What’s new in the Navigation tool?
    • Application.
    • Application Navigation Item.
  • What’s new in the Object Migration tool?
    • Application.
    • Web Component.
    • Object Export.
    • Search for Dependents.
    • Object Import.
    • Object Compare.
  • What’s new in the Security tool?
    • Models.
    • Model Access.
    • Model Permission.

[Admin: To get the tool details, see the original mobile-friendly PDF.]

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