Where is the latest information on TRIRIGA language packs?

[Updated 05.29.15] Our IBM Knowledge Center contains several IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4.2 topics about importing language packs. [Updated 02.05.15] There are several locations: (1) Our IBM Knowledge Center contains several IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4.1 topics about importing language packs. (2) TRIRIGAFEEDIA posted a January article about getting a 3.4 language pack error. (3) […]

Where is the latest information on TRIRIGA system sizing?

This wiki explains the overall capacity planning methodologies, system requirements, where to find other resources and typical system configurations… As with any web based platform, the application server and database capacity needed to deploy a system built using IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform largely depends on the number of anticipated users and user requests. The limits […]

Where is the latest on custom tuning indexes for performance?

This wiki details custom tuning indexes that are the result of iterative performance tuning cycles and collaboration with the TRIRIGA development team. The indexes listed here are not included in the TRIRIGA base product unless otherwise stated. These indexes, which are listed by database platform, provide significant performance improvements when measured against a broad performance […]

Where is the latest IBM TRIRIGA compatibility matrix?

[Updated 06.11.16] To download a PDF copy of the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Compatibility Matrix for 3.5.1, click here. The information in this IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.1 Compatibility Matrix is current as of June 8, 2016. Continue reading → [Updated 12.11.15] To download a PDF copy of the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Compatibility Matrix for 3.5.0, […]

Where is the latest IBM TRIRIGA 3.4.0 upgrade documentation?

[From the IBM TRIRIGA > Upgrade wiki page.] Go to the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3 Information Center and read Installing IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform before installing. Also read the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3 Upgrade Installation Guide. Information for downloading IBM TRIRIGA and related components can be found in the IBM TRIRIGA 10.4 and […]

FieldFLEX releases their latest mobility application for FCA

FieldFLEX, the leading developer of mobile enterprise software for corporate real estate and workplace management, announced they will be releasing a premier mobile application designed specifically for facilities engineers and inspectors to gather asset data, perform asset condition audits, and estimate repair and replacement costs. The mobile app will allow organizations to rapidly collect and […]

Where are the latest lease accounting videos?

This wiki lists our lease accounting videos. The IBM TRIRIGA Lease Accounting team presents the key features and enhancements of our lease accounting tools from 10.5.0 through, including partial payments, FASB/IASB setup, ASC 840/842, GAAP/IFRS leases, and index adjustments. [Admin: This post is related to the 02.22.16 post and 09.29.14 post about finding information on TRIRIGA lease accounting. To […]

Verdantix: IWMS vendors partner up to tap latest space innovations

Over the past six months, vendors offering space management solutions have enjoyed a flurry of strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Many of the notable partnerships have been led by integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) suppliers looking to deepen their capabilities in space planning and take advantage of emerging IoT-led technologies for occupancy tracking. Witness Accruent partnering […]

ValuD releases latest mobility app in IBM TRIRIGA marketplace

ValuD Consulting, LLC, (www.valudconsulting.com), the leading Real Estate and Facilities Management (RE/FM) technology strategy and IBM TRIRIGA service provider announced today the release of MobilD – a premier mobile application for IBM TRIRIGA. Aimed at bridging the gap between field work and desktop use in IBM TRIRIGA, MobilD promises to be a one-stop solution for […]

ADP: Streamlining leases while delivering the latest technology

ADP wanted to equip its workforce with the latest technology. Leasing equipment was a cost-efficient option—if it could manage thousands of contracts quickly and simply… By embracing a centralized, automated lease accounting management solution, ADP can give its employees access to state-of-the-art technology while maintaining tight control of its costs… Low-effort lease management Deploying an IBM […]