IV93959: Admin Console shows old pre-3.2 TRIRIGALICENSE.properties

Even when new-style 3.2+ licenses (LICENSE_IBM_TRIRIGA_<feature>.properties files) are in place, and no old-style pre-3.2 license (single TRIRIGALICENSE.properties file) is present, the Admin Console “System Manager” panel still contains a “TRIRIGA License” choice, which, when clicked, displays what appears to be an encrypted TRIRIGALICENSE.properties file.

If there is no old-style pre-3.2 license file present, it is confusing that the system makes it look like a TRIRIGALICENSE.properties file is still present and being used. Is it possible to disable the “TRIRIGA License” link within the “System Manager” panel? Or redirect the display to the Admin Console “License Manager” panel?

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.08.16 post about finding information on TRIRIGA licenses. To see other related posts, use the License tag.]

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What is the Database Table Manager tool in IBM TRIRIGA?

As an administrator, you can view, alter, drop, and create database table indexes in the Database Table Manager tool. This tool is not found in the IBM TRIRIGA Administrator Console. With the proper permissions, you can find the Database Table Manager by signing into IBM TRIRIGA and navigating to Tools > System Setup > System > Database Table Manager.

The Database Table Manager supports the following actions on IBM TRIRIGA database tables: viewing table indexes, altering table indexes, dropping table indexes, and creating new table indexes. These actions can be performed on any IBM TRIRIGA table. For environments that use a Microsoft SQL Server database, the actions of viewing, creating, and removing Sparse columns are also supported.

Full access to this tool is limited to admin users who have full access to the IBM TRIRIGA Administrator Console. Admin users who have read-only access to the Administrator Console can view the indexes and Sparse columns only. All other users don’t have access.

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Migrating database table indexes

You can view, alter, drop, and create database table indexes in the Database Table Manager tool. In addition, the Database Table Manager supports the migration of database table indexes from one IBM TRIRIGA environment to another.

The process of migrating database table indexes is done through the migration of record data on the triPlatformDBTableManager module.

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[Admin: This post is related to the 02.10.17 post about finding the performance best practices, and the 01.15.15 post about custom tuning indexes for performance.]

Why isn’t Admin Console “System Manager” panel showing “Edit”?

When I go to the System Manager panel of the IBM TRIRIGA Admin Console, “View” appears, but not “Edit”. What is causing this and how do I fix it?

If your application server is configured to use Resource References for configuration files, the TRIRIGA “config” directory will not have been added to the TRIRIGA application CLASSPATH. Unless your application server’s Resource References is told where to look for TRIRIGA configuration files, you will not be able to configure files through the TRIRIGA Administrator Console…

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IV90171: Changing users in WF Agent requires server restart

If we add or remove users from the Workflow Agent settings on process servers (as per “best practices” to only have one “open” process server and others “restricted”), we have to restart all process servers for the change to take effect.

The 3.5.0 Administrator Console user guide [PDF] does not suggest that a restart is necessary and since this is the new “best practice”, it should be dynamic rather than require a system outage every time you make this change…

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