IV95382: Agent performance monitors not working properly

In the Admin Console, Performance Monitor, when monitoring a single value, it returns bad results. Returns wrong agent’s status. Returns “false” for an agent status even if the agent is running. Returns “0” for the number of agents running even if multiple agents are running.

We needed to update the calls to various platform status APIs. Moving forward, we updated the Admin Console, Performance Monitor, Single Value to correctly obtain the status of the active agents. This means the AGENTS_RUNNING_COUNT, OBJECT_PUBLISH_AGENT_RUNNING, SCHEDULER_AGENT_RUNNING, and all other agent-related monitors will now correctly report the agent status and count. We also removed the calls to KEYWORD_PARSER_AGENT_RUNNING and WAREHOUSE_AGENT_RUNNING as these no longer exist.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.08.15 post about performance monitoring tools, and the 02.10.17 post about performance best practices.]

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Is there a way to set Admin Console access without TRIRIGA access?

Some of our Admin users need access to the Admin Console to monitor different parameters from there. On the other hand, they must not login to TRIRIGA (or access direct URLs) with business data with Admin access. Is there a way to do this?

Currently, a user must be part of the Admin Group to access the Admin Console page. Please create a request for enhancement (RFE) with business justification and it will be reviewed by the TRIRIGA team.

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IV94641: Exception when trying to create a data load spreadsheet

When creating a spreadsheet in Data Load Manager, a “Spreadsheet File” field should become visible and clicking “View Content” should display the spreadsheet that now exists. Instead, the following message appears in the data load record’s “Attention!” section and no spreadsheet is created:

An error occurred during the creation of the data load spreadsheet process. See the server.log file in the Administrator Console for more information.

The server.log contains an error like the following, indicating that an Unsupported Operation Exception occurred when trying to create the data load spreadsheet…

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