Is there a way to track timestamps for barcodes read by mobile?

With TRIRIGA Anywhere, I was wandering is there any way to track the date/time when the asset barcode was read with a mobile device?

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.11.16 post about Anywhere ignoring timeout settings. To see other related posts, use the Anywhere tag.]

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Can anyone help with TRIRIGA Anywhere and MobileFirst?

I installed MobileFirst Server, set up TRIRIGA Anywhere, installed MobileFirst Studio on Eclipse Mars 2, and made some changes in the Work Task Management application. After updating and viewing the result in a simulator, I attempted to export the Android application, but it gave me some errors. I need some help from someone who worked on the TRIRIGA Anywhere app and MobileFirst Platform.

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[Updated 05.08.16]

Mani Sanjeevi: Apologies to the TRIRIGA folks! There was one request posted in our TRIRIGA group that has been addressed immediately and deleted from the group.

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How do you size the environment for TRIRIGA Anywhere users?

TRIRIGA Anywhere users can be handled like any other TRIRIGA users. When sizing the TRIRIGA environment, include TRIRIGA Anywhere users in the overall concurrent user count and follow the appropriate sizing guidelines for the TRIRIGA application and database servers:

However, it is recommended to add a separate process server to the environment specifically to handle the OSLC calls for TRIRIGA Anywhere. This server can be sized similarly to the standard process server as outlined in the above links for each environment.

In addition, TRIRIGA Anywhere requires a MobileFirst server. To size this server, follow the guidelines from the document: Scalability and Hardware Sizing for MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.1. Other TRIRIGA Anywhere performance recommendations can be found in the TRIRIGA Best Practices for System Performance [PDF] white paper.

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IV81994: IBM TRIRIGA Anywhere ignores timeout settings

We are experiencing an IBM TRIRIGA Anywhere issue, where the timeout value specified in our configuration is being ignored and an error is resulting.

There might be near-term iFix. Note that this is not an IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform APAR. It should be an IBM MobileFirst APAR.

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