IV94392: Bar charts not sized and centered within portal sections

In IE11 only, bar charts that in past versions of TRIRIGA (e.g. displayed in their entirety through a portal section are not being displayed completely in TRIRIGA 3.5.2. Instead of the report being sized so that all bars fit, there is extra white space to the left of the chart and only the first few bars are appearing. When the portal section is maximized, more bars show, but the whole chart is still not present and centered in the portal section.

We resolved an Internet Explorer issue where charts in smaller portal sections were getting chopped off. We also resolved an issue on all browsers, where the bottom title on charts in smaller portal sections was not displaying.

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.23.17 post about the GIS section not fitting to full height.]

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IV94455: Read-only Boolean fields are not grayed out in TRIRIGA 3.5.2

In TRIRIGA 10.3.1/, when a field is read-only, the check box is grayed out for the Boolean field. But in 10.3.1/3.5.2, there appears to have been a change. When a Boolean field is read-only, the check box is not grayed out. So when the user tries to click it, all the user sees is that it does not appear to be working. This happens regardless of whether IE11 or Chrome is used.

We needed to add a style to the check box to show it is read-only. Moving forward, we changed the read-only check-box style so it will look different from the selectable check box.

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IV94359: Changing the basemap resets the map zoom

When you change the basemap after the map is initially rendered, this causes the map to maximize and show the entire extent, instead of the original location that is centered on the building.

When you zoom into a Esri map with one pin, the record is fully zoomed in. The issue was that the max zoom level being used when a map initially zooms to a pin is too extreme, and not usable. Moving forward, we resolved an EsriJS issue where the initial zoom for GIS maps containing one pin was too extreme. The initial zoom has been scaled back to a more usable level.

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IV94003: Currency fields with 3 decimal places rounding up

This is a visual display issue with currency fields in the system. Graphically, the system is rounding up for any currency field that is 3 or more decimal places long.

For example, $4.001 becomes $5.00 until the record is saved and the screen is refreshed, or until the user changes form tabs and comes back. In the latter case, the screen is also refreshed and will change back to the correctly displayed $4.00, but with 4.001 in the database. In the database and for all calculations, the 4.001 should be used as the correct value.

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IV94361: Queries use all database resources after upgrade to 3.5.2

After upgrading to TRIRIGA 3.5.2, customers may see similar queries being fired from report runs, and may get system freezes afterward since the database will be extremely busy executing them…

When applying Geography or Organization security, a group with root level \Organizations and a geography set at a low level like \Geography\North America\USA\Nevada\Las Vegas will no longer apply an Org-level security check on queries. The same goes for security groups unrestricted at the Geo-level, but set at a low level of the Org. The security check will be applied on a Geo and/or Org basis based on the root-level security setup for the Geo and/or Org.

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IV94364: Platform not committing temp data for “Audit All Data”

When “Audit All Data” is turned on for a BO, the TRIRIGA platform is not correctly committing temporary data for records based on that business object. It appears that the “Save Permanent Record” workflow tasks (which are meant to commit temporary data for records of the BO) are trying to execute an audit of the object before it is created.

We needed to catch the SmartObjectNotFound exception… when smart section instance data is not committed, the parent record is committed, and “Audit All Data” is enabled. We improved how the exception is processed when temporary data is committed on a business object with auditing.

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IV94310: Forms in portal sections expand when actions are clicked

We have observed for portal sections which include forms that when you click an action, the bottom of the form expands lower on the screen. This behavior has been observed in the TRIRIGA 3.3.1 and 3.5.2 platforms.

A method was causing an inner scroll bar to be set on the content frame when changing tabs or submitting forms, when the form was displayed within a portal section.

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