IV90488: Filter options overlap metric report bars in IE11

If IE11 is being used and you bring up a TRIRIGA metric chart that uses a bar chart format and a filter defined, clicking on an option to filter then results in the filter selection screen overlapping the graph results. There is no way to make that selection screen disappear.

This problem happens with IE11, but not Firefox. All of this worked fine in TRIRIGA, but the problem was seen after upgrading to

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IV90616: Location hierarchy not listing correct hierarchy path

When a user cuts-and-pastes a location from one hierarchy parent to another, it still references the old hierarchy path. This happens to other languages, for instance, British English. However, when you change the user profile setting from British English to US English, the hierarchy path is updated correctly.

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IV90015: Large export to Excel causes out-of-memory crash

A large export to Microsoft Excel may cause an out-of-memory crash on the JVM or server, or cause a zero-byte or seemingly-corrupted Excel (XLSX) file. When analyzing the heap dump file, you will see the following classes taking the most of the JVM heap dump space:

  • (A) “com.tririga.architecture.web.process.useresponse.ExportExcell$2”, loaded by “<system class loader>”
  • (B) “org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFRichTextString”, loaded by “<system class loader>”

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IV90499: Uploading with the same name has different versioning

It was noticed that, in 3.4.1.x, when uploading a document through the Notes & Document tab, the document will get uploaded fine. When a second record is brought up and you go to Notes & Documents, and upload a document with the same name that was previously used, the file name will be uploaded and given a [1]. If you go to the Related Documents tab, you will see two line items in the Related Documents section.

In, when you upload the same file twice, you see one line in the Related Documents and the revision changed from 0.0 to 0.1. Both uploads show in the History tab of the record. Why is the versioning different?

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IV90450: Font in Print Preview and printed hardcopy is too small

If a record’s “Print” button is clicked, the font present in the record’s “Print Preview” and printed hardcopy is too small to be legible. This problem was seen once we upgraded to TRIRIGA and has been seen with multiple browsers (e.g. Edge, IE11, Chrome).

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IV90455: Associations tab does not load while drilling down

When attempting to drill down the association tree, the association tree does not load anymore. Open a record, click on the Associations tab, select an object on the right side, and when the records load on the left side, select the radio button. At this point, the association tree no longer loads. This is on IE11, 32-bit.

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