How do disguised CIA hacks impact TRIRIGA 4.0.4 language tables?

Hi, a few weeks ago, I asked about when a WikiLeaks “Vault 7” fix pack for TRIRIGA 4.0.4 might be available. Any progress? I’m asking because our customer is going even crazier about “Vault 7: Dark Matter” (bugging iPhones) and “Vault 7: Marble” (disguising hacks). Will a CIA-related fix or fix pack still be available before 2018?

I have a related question: If CIA hacks can be disguised as Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, or Farsi, how would that impact the performance of TRIRIGA 4.0.4 language tables? Would the hack also disguise the actual TRIRIGA database performance?

[Admin: This post is related to Russian spies. Just kidding.]

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