Verdantix: IWMS vendors extend reservations with digital signage

IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) vendors continue to launch a flurry of new products aimed at helping employees better navigate workplaces and book space. Some of the latest product releases make interactive kiosks and touch screens central to the proposition – providing employees tools that can be easily accessed while moving through buildings.

Witness FM:Systems launching bookMe in October 2017 which enables employees to use digital signage and mobile apps to find and reserve space, and Trimble launching LiveSign Pro Touch Panels in November 2017 powered by Manhattan software, enabling the convenient booking of space. Other IWMS vendors such as ARCHIBUS and Planon also make their reservation solutions on touchscreens.

What is interesting about these emerging digital signage solutions is the focus on engaging employees beyond the desktop. This is a different mindset to what’s occurred historically, when many IWMS applications were designed for desktops with mobile apps added later. Why is that important? It allows for solutions that are designed to be used by employees on-the-go, with a very specific specification around engaging building users with simple and intuitive user interfaces…

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Verdantix: Three takeaways for IWMS buyers in 2017 and beyond

The Verdantix benchmark of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) has been released following a six-month research process. The benchmark assesses 14 vendors and their platforms on 71 criteria spanning real estate portfolio management through to maintenance management and 40 criteria relating to vendor success factors such as number of deployments and product strategy.

As part of the research, Verdantix interviewed a panel of 19 real estate and facilities management directors who select, implement and use software. What are the key takeaways for customers looking to invest in real estate and facilities management applications or to rationalize real estate IT with an IWMS platform?

Firstly, buyers looking to replace a roster of legacy and outdated systems with an IWMS have lots of choices. In our benchmark, seven vendors made it into the Leaders’ Quadrant: Accruent, ARCHIBUS, FM:Systems, IBM (TRIRIGA), MCS Solutions, Planon and Trimble (Manhattan), as they demonstrated an excellent breadth of functionality and strong market momentum…

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Selecting IWMS software for the best value management

About 80 percent of the global facilities marketplace is supported by just two Integrated Workplace Management Solution products, ARCHIBUS™ and IBM TRIRIGA™. Both are enterprise-class tools, marketed in topical modules and are designed for full-suite management of large complicated portfolios. Both have proven time-in-market performance, depth of support staff and have matured over time. Typical implementations usually start at about 500,000 square feet in building space and range up to global enterprises with 100 million square feet or more.

By comparison, the remaining 20 percent of the market is supported by hundreds of software companies. Most are single-function products managing leases, maintenance, equipment, space assignments, utilities, environmental, regulatory, moves or other isolated processes.

These smaller products are good, but serious issues emerge when compared against the big two. This software typically has far less track record in the market; there is less history for measuring staying power or version-to-version improvement over time. Similarly, the underpinning companies are limited, usually only a small team of developers and support staff. They may not be as well capitalized and there is risk for the buyer that these products will last a few years, then disappear.

This may not seem to matter, but is a critical consideration. Data assimilation, implementation and support costs will eclipse software costs by eight to twelve-fold. If software underperforms or if its developer company falters, replacement and repetitive migration costs to another product can be extreme. Staff will have invested in learning and managing by workflow processes that the software imposes; starting over (or changing products) results in lost effort that impact the bottom line…

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Who are some CAFM, CMMS, EAM, & IWMS competitors of IBM TRIRIGA?

As a member of the IBM TRIRIGA software development team, it’s easy to get so occupied and busy within the isolated “bubble” of TRIRIGA, its partners, and its customers, that there’s no time or energy to wonder about our competitors outside the TRIRIGA community. Luckily, I recently found a few moments to perform a few Google searches for “TRIRIGA competitors” to see what’s out there for myself.

Here’s what I found. This might be ordinary to sales and marketing folks, but for developers like me, I found it enlightening. Not only 9 direct competitors with an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), but also 13 other competitors offering Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Software as a Service (SaaS), and other solutions. There are probably more. But for now, enjoy!

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JLL to acquire BRG, workplace management solutions firm

Consistent with its focus on becoming a global leader in Corporate Real Estate (CRE) technology, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has entered into an agreement to acquire BRG, a recognized expert in workplace technology consulting, technology implementation, and space and move management services. The transaction is expected to close next month, subject to customary closing conditions.

JLL is changing the way that CRE technology will be delivered. By providing holistic, end-to-end technology and consulting solutions that support specialist software applications as well as broad Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), JLL will offer clients greater flexibility and choice, accelerated productivity and improved user experiences…

BRG has built a reputation for helping companies successfully implement new technology systems, optimize underperforming existing technology platforms and understand how to better integrate tools to deliver workplace strategies. BRG:

  • Helps organizations optimize and align their real estate technology, processes, data governance and performance management methods with their organizational missions.
  • Implements and integrates off-the-shelf IWMS technologies with an emphasis on functional alignment, user adoption and rapid time-to-value. It is one of the most successful IWMS integrators and has dedicated practices and expert certification in ARCHIBUS, Manhattan, CenterStone, IBM TRIRIGA and iOffice software.
  • Provides program management solutions to execute workplace, space, occupancy, and move, add and change (MAC) projects, as well as asset management functions.

As a result of the acquisition, JLL will form a new Technology Solutions team that will be led by Traci Doane, currently President and CEO of BRG…

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FieldFLEX Mobile team at IBM InterConnect 2016

Join the FieldFLEX Mobile team at IBM InterConnect 2016. Internet of Things (IoT) Zone, Booth 932. February 21-25, 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS

FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS provides integrated mobile applications for IBM TRIRIGA and ARCHIBUS that have been designed and optimized specifically for field-based personnel in Facilities Operations and Corporate Real Estate Management. Built to use the popular iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices, FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS offers significant functionality enhancements to streamline your facilities, maintenance and real estate business.

About FieldFLEX

FieldFLEX is a leading developer of mobile enterprise applications for corporate real estate and workplace management organizations with a full suite of mobile enterprise productivity applications including employee self-service, graphical wayfinding, asset tracking and logistics, and field operations such as work order management, workplace inspections, facility assessments, and surveys.

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