Is there a way to export query results as attachment to email?

I have two questions:

  • (1) Is there any way to export the results of a query and send them as an attachment to a particular email ID?
  • (2) Is there any way to schedule to get the report results and automatically send them in Excel to an email ID?

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.15.16 post, 05.04.15 post, and 01.24.15 post about sending BIRT reports via email.]

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Why are document attachments overwriting each other?

We are using TRIRIGA 3.5.2. We are currently experiencing an issue with lease document attachments. When one user uploads a document that has the same name to two different lease records, the document record is overwritten.

The issue stems from the fact that the upload functionality defaults the path to \ROOT\Object Attachments\[Employee Name]\triRealEstateContract\[File Name]. There is a folder ID parameter in the action URL, but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way for TRIRIGA to create a folder based on the current record ID instead of the BO name?

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Are file attachments in Outlook also attached in SMTP messages?

In the context of TRIRIGA Reservation Management (Reserve), if a user attaches a file in a meeting invitation (in Outlook) while booking a room, is that file going to be attached in the SMTP message that is sent to TRIRIGA? Has anyone tested this or have the ability to test this?

The concern is around confidentiality. If someone attaches a company confidential document and the message is sent over SMTP (non-secure) to IBM Cloud (TRIRIGA SaaS) with the attachment, the document was now exposed to the public internet.

In your scenario, the Send connector configured in Exchange is responsible for sending the message to TRIRIGA. I believe that, by default, the Send connector will also send attachments. There may be some configuration on the Exchange side that prevents or limits a particular Send connector from forwarding attachments.

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.23.17 post about setting up the Reserve SMTP Agent for Secure SMTP (SMTPS). To see other related posts, use the SMTP tag or Attachment tag.]

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IV95312: Incoming Mail Agent does not properly process Apple emails

When emails are sent to TRIRIGA using Apple’s Mail client, they are not always being interpreted properly on the TRIRIGA end. Some problems include:

  • When a rich-text email is sent using Apple’s Mail client and has an attachment, the attachment isn’t seen if the email history is present as part of the email. If the email history is removed, the attachment is seen.
  • When a plain text email is sent using Apple’s Mail client and a PNG or JPG attachment is present, the attachment isn’t seen, but the email body has a marker that makes it look like an embedded image should be present (but isn’t).
  • When a plain text email is sent using Apple’s Mail client and text exists in the email before the attachment, the text that exists in the email before the attachment isn’t seen. Any text that exists after the attachment is seen.

Apple mail formats the attachments and forwards differently than other mail clients. Moving forward, an issue that cause attachments to be missing and email bodies to lose content when the mail client puts attachments inline, has been resolved.

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UX: Is there a way to attach files in the Space Management app?

Is it possible to add attachments in the Space Management app? For example, if I click a button on the website, then a form opens for me to choose some file from my local PC. Then I can upload the file to the server. I can also check the file later. If it’s possible, which component should I use?

Yes, it is possible. Use the <triplat-file> component available for the UX Framework. It is used for uploading, downloading, and displaying binary files. You can read more on the <triplat-file> and other components from the documentation pages on your TRIRIGA server: http[s]://[tririga-hostname:port][/context_path]/p/web/doc.

The <triplat-file> component was introduced in TRIRIGA 10.5.2. Here is a link to the release notes. Some UX apps that are currently in development for a future release will make more use of this component, for example, to upload images or photos on comments.

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.08.16 post about modifying the Space apps, and the 12.21.16 post about Space Assessment documentation.]

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Can an integration object send web service data with attachments?

We are looking for a way to send web service data including attachments (binary objects). Can an integration object help with that? If not, what else? OSLC or CBA? We need to send requests to web service through digitally signed mail…

The attachment will be generated by BIRT report and stored in binary fields. Then we’ll send it via integration object (web service). The binary field in the output is represented as a DM_CONTENT (Document Manager Content) ID… As I understand it, we can use the keyword “CONTENT” in the data map when using the database scheme, but it doesn’t work for web services. How can this be solved?

Not sure about using the TRIRIGA integration object or Connector for Business Applications (CBA), but it looks like OSLC has an API for this.

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IV87402: Email attachments are not seen due to capitalization

TRIRIGA is not able to pick up incoming email attachments if the multi-part section of the server’s email contains the word “ATTACHMENT” in all upper-case capitalization as follows: handlePart – part.Disposition(): ATTACHMENT

It seems that the TRIRIGA Incoming Mail Agent gets the message from the email server and builds the TRIRIGA email message record. The To/From addresses are set up and the body text is there as well. But the attachments are not getting processed into the email attachment BO’s binary field and associated to the email message.

The platform does not ignore the case when checking for attachments or inline mail content. Moving forward, we fixed an issue where incoming mail attachments were not getting processed.

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How do you upload 6K locations with several attachments each?

For our primary data load, we’re required to upload 6500 locations, and each location has several attachments. How can this be done in TRIRIGA in the most efficient way? The Document Manager allows you to upload multiple files for only 1 record.

You’d want to use an integration, for example, Integration Object (Database scheme), CBA SOAP API, or the OSLC REST API. All of those handle document attachments. Our API documentation is here.

I will note though that our Document Manager stores all documents in the TRIRIGA database schema. It’s not intended to be a replacement for a true Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. If you expect to have tens or hundreds of thousands of documents, I would advise considering an alternative approach, such as FileNet or Documentum. The idea is that you’d have a purpose-built ECM solution handle the document storage as the source, and then integrate TRIRIGA with that, using the same APIs mentioned above. We are also exploring a more direct platform level content management integration utilizing Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS), but we don’t expect that to be available until the end of the year at the earliest.

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.02.16 post about integrating with other CMIS or ECM solutions.]

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IV76120: Email attachments fail due to an association error

Email attachments are failing to be sent when an attachment record is created and associated to a notification. The attachment functionality is working fine. The problem is that the association is not being made and as a result the attachment cannot be attached. Attachments added to the notification via an Add Attachment task in the workflow are working fine.

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