Is AutoCAD LT compatible with CAD Integrator functionality?

Is AutoCAD LT compatible with CAD Integrator functionality?

No, it’s not compatible. See the Compatibility Matrix for IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator/Publisher. At the bottom, the comments provide more details.

For example: “My understanding is that the CAD Integrator does not work with the LT versions of AutoCAD because LT versions do not support database connectivity and cannot use programming tools such as VBS, LISP and ObjectARX.”

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Where is the latest AutoCAD Command Line API for 12.1.5?

With the release of CAD Integrator-Publisher (CI) 12.1.5 included with TRIRIGA 3.5.2, we added some additional API commands to enhance reporting capabilities. The new commands have been reflected in the TRIRIGA wiki.

Command Specifications (12.1.5.x and later)

  • CiApplyTheme
  • CiQueryThemes
  • CiApplyReport
  • CiQueryReports
  • CiApplyLabelStyle
  • CiQueryLabelStyles
  • CiApplyLabelFilter
  • CiQueryLabelFilters

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.12.16 post and 10.30.15 post about TRIRIGA CI AutoCAD commands and equivalent AutoLISP commands.]

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Is a timeout error causing CI LISP API commands to return nil?

We are using LISP commands to attach and publish CAD drawings according to the API specification on this TRIRIGA wiki page. Each command should normally return the value T if it has completed successfully. When attaching or publishing two of our CAD drawings, the LISP command returned nil instead of the expected value T…

Is the timeout error causing those LISP commands to return nil? It is worth noting that each of these two drawings took more than one minute to complete the respective command, likely due to the drawings’ complexity. Has anyone encountered this error? Is there any way we could configure the timeout value for LISP commands?

Yes, and there is a timeout factor of one minute. This is not currently configurable. I’d suggest opening a request for enhancement (RFE) for this situation at the very least.

[Admin: This post is related to the 10.30.15 post about TRIRIGA CI AutoCAD commands and equivalent AutoLISP commands.]

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How do you add an “IBM TRIRIGA” menu item to CAD Integrator?

We have developed a helpful AutoLISP script and we would like to allow our AutoCAD users to launch it from an additional menu choice on the “IBM TRIRIGA” menu bar item that is delivered with CAD Integrator. We know we will probably need to reinstate this item any time we reinstall or upgrade CAD Integrator on a machine. But we would still like to do it. Can you provide the steps to do this? Or offer better ideas?

The IBM TRIRIGA menu is a customization (CUI), called ‘TRGA’. You can try this AutoCAD help topic: About Loading an AutoLISP File with a CUIx File. Or otherwise, search Google on how to add a LISP script to a CUI or CUIx file.

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RFE: All CI commands should be available via AutoLISP routines

There are AutoLISP equivalent commands for many TRIRIGA CAD Integrator AutoCAD commands (as listed in the TRIRIGA wiki). However, not all TRIRIGA commands are available as AutoLISP routines.  For commands involving dialogue boxes, this is necessary for batch processing tasks.  I have submitted a feature request for this to IBM.  If you think it would be useful, please vote for it! Here is the direct link to RFE ID 79110.

My use case: We have a large portfolio of drawings and get requests to print them all for different purposes. We rely on TRIRIGA labels for labeling all the spaces in our master set of CAD files that are used by all members of our department. We need to be able to batch process changing labels, themes and reports for specific requests, then change the drawing labels back to our defaults for regular use by the department. Also, if different users leave the CAD files in different states, we need to be able to do a mass reset periodically.

It is cumbersome to open each file in a manual process to apply labels. I would think others would have use cases for many of the other commands. Thanks for voting!

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Having an issue with sync scripts timing out in CI 12.1.2

All drawings are currently synced and published each night via script. This is done so that space planners can pull drawings with data no older than 1 day. We are upgrading to the Platform and 12.1.2 CAD Integrator. We have modified the script to update the ‘triLabelLayer’ in the drawing. The problem is that the ‘sync’ command will still be running when the drawing runs the ‘save/close’ commands. I tried to add ‘delay’ commands into the script (5 minute delay) so that there would be at least 5 minutes for the ‘sync’ command to run but it seems to time out. The script will run correctly on the first drawing, but it crashes after the first drawing.

Have you had any other clients with this ‘Sync’ script question/problem? Do you have any suggestions for improving this script? Should I try the ‘Sync Areas’ command instead of ‘Sync Full’?

I assume you are using the TRGA_SYNCFULL or TRGA_SYNC commands in your script? I’d suggest using the command line API versions… So you can use (ciSyncFull), introduced in 12.1.2, or (ciSync) instead. The command line APIs are intended to be embedded inside other LISP commands, so they will block/pause AutoCAD until the operation is complete, before executing the next command in the script… These are AutoLISP commands… When you use them in a script, include the parentheses, i.e. use “(ciSync)” instead of “ciSync”.

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