IBM TRIRIGA and RedSys offer ERP for commercial real estate

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ERP for Real Estate: To Help Managers

In the IT market, there are a number of systems for the management of commercial real estate, both Russian and foreign. Many of them work on transactional basis. There are integrated solutions, covering all aspects of property management. One of these solutions is developed by the RedSys Russian company, which is based on IBM TRIRIGA software platform, widely used around the world for the management of assets. Features of the solution – through management of the facility, which includes all areas: financial, commercial, operational, etc. Users can do powerful visualization and reporting, which allow you to control the object from different points of view.

The building is presented in such a system in the form of a floor plan, for which the information can be obtained from three-dimensional models of BIM-systems, which clearly demonstrates all the necessary data to the customer: the occupancy of space, the number of tenants, the state of infrastructure, financial performance, and more. Also in their judgment, RedSys has built project management tools with the possibility of the plan, attach documents, and reporting on deviations from the terms of the tasks. Of particular note, and analytical capabilities of solutions that enable owners and top management to keep abreast…

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ERP для недвижимости: В помощь менеджерам

На ИТ-рынке существует ряд систем для управления коммерческой недвижимостью, как российских, так и зарубежных. Многие из них работают по транзакционному принципу. Есть и комплексные решения, охватывающие все аспекты управления недвижимостью. Одним из таких решений является разработка российской компании RedSys, в основе которой лежит программная платформа IBM Tririga, широко используемая во всем мире для управления активами. Особенности данного решения — сквозное управление объектом, включающее все направления: финансовое, коммерческое, эксплуатационное и т. д. Пользователям доступны мощные средства визуализации и представления информации, которые позволяют управлять объектом с различных точек зрения.

Здание представлено в такой системе в виде поэтажного плана, информацию для которого можно получить из трехмерных моделей BIM-систем, где наглядно демонстрируются все нужные заказчику данные: заполняемость площадей, количество арендаторов, состояние инфраструктуры, финансовые показатели и прочее. Также в составе решения от RedSys имеются встроенные средства управления проектами с возможностью ведения плана, прикрепления документов и формирования отчетов по отклонениям от сроков выполнения задач. Особо следует отметить и аналитические возможности решения, позволяющие владельцам и топ-менеджменту держать руку на пульсе…

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Planon: Is BIM just a big information mess?

What to watch for when preparing for building information modeling (BIM) adoption? Although mitigation measures will be available for any impediments, the total picture is probably still pretty complex to allow for a wide and swift adoption of BIM technology for the lifecycle of buildings…

The BIM technology industry itself has yet to address some specific requirements inherent to building lifecycle management. BIM technology needs to move from a project-tool-set proposition to a digital business service. Developments in IT are moving fast and one can expect the BIM vendors to address them…

There are several indisputable reasons why BIM is slowly but steadily being adopted in specific industries and areas… In addition to avoiding this wasted time and money, there are two other primary reasons why organisations are shifting towards inclusion of BIM in their facility management processes:

  • On an operational level, the visualisations that BIM provides can enable higher levels of efficiency and security in operating and maintaining the facilities.
  • Another reason is compliance. There are governments who demand the use of BIM systems in order for permits to be granted for building development. Other governments require the availability of BIM models for any facility they occupy or rent…

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.28.17 article by FacilitiesNet about using BIM for FM.]

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FM:Systems FM:Interact and the Autodesk Forge Viewer

We’ve been integrating bi-directionally between our FM:Interact Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) and Revit models since 2010 and have been on the forefront of Lifecycle BIM since then. For the most part, building owners who are going to utilize Revit models for day-to-day facilities operations primarily relied upon 2D plan views generated from the model for all aspects of managing their facilities including space and occupancy planning, assets and maintenance management, etc.

Traditionally, plan views have provided a tremendous amount of information to facilities teams, especially intelligent plans, where users can query a drawing and get direct feedback on space and assets on the plan. Over the past two years, we’ve been integrating 3D viewing technology from Autodesk to help our customers take better advantage of the entire model.

We’ve recently updated FM:Interact to the latest Forge Viewer from Autodesk and the results are truly fantastic. The Autodesk Forge Viewer gives us the next generation graphics engine that enables our customers to take greater advantage of their Revit models for operations. Here are some of the top reasons why the time is right now and why we are now making this fantastic viewer available to FM:Interact customers who are using Revit models in their implementations of our software.

  • Speed: Revit models can be large…
  • Data: 3D model viewers have been around for years…
  • Ease of use: The majority of the end users on facility teams…
  • Accessibility: Facility team members are more mobile than ever…


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What is the significance of the Floor Level in the Floor form?

What is the significance of the Floor Level field in the Floor form? It is a required numerical field. I am trying to understand how this field is being used. It is straight-forward if we have a 1st Floor, 2nd Floor; it will be 1, 2 for Floor Level. However, in our old system, we had a Floor Level field that was open text. We came up with a standard to use B1, B2 for Basement 1, Basement 2. For Mezzanine, we use M1, M2, etc. How are you handling these exceptions?

It is used in stacking to order the floors in the building. It might be used in other applications as well. The BIM integration with Revit initially populates it with the elevation of the floor. This works for stacking, as it just needs the lower floors to have a lower value. You can manually change the values to (say) -1, 1, 2, 3, 4 if that makes more sense to your users.

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ValuD: Integrating BIM with IWMS

Typically, design and engineering teams manage the process of BIM model creation and preservation throughout the construction phase. This further leads to an advantage of having multiple resources maintaining and updating the model.

The drawback to this is that AEC groups are normally temporary in nature. They meet up for the task regularly, but disband once the venture is complete, leaving the building owners and occupants in a quandary about who will maintain the models once occupancy begins. Frequently, these models are rejected as RE/FM teams simply do not have the capability needed to maintain the BIM, especially if the model is exclusively preserved in Autodesk Revit, the innovative design tool.

IWMS offers an answer to this issue by safely circulating the obligation of maintaining the model all throughout a building’s lifecycle. This is accomplished using cloud technology and is done by associating the geometry of the model to the data in a way that gives access to what is basically an effectively viable digital operating and reporting manual for the building…

Selecting the right IWMS which delivers the ease of integrating CAD tools and BIM models within your facility management goals is of prime importance. To select the right IWMS solution provider, you can read my previous article. I personally advocate IBM TRIRIGA as one of the industry’s specialized IWMS solution providers. IBM TRIRIGA comes with the true power of integration and the capabilities to manage the lifecycle of real estate assets on a single platform…

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.01.16 post about CAFM, CMMS, EAM, and IWMS competitors, the 06.30.16 post about when facility managers should get involved in BIM, and the 02.08.16 post about having fun linking Autodesk Revit BIM models to TRIRIGA IWMS.]

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NFMT conference and exhibition returns to Las Vegas in 2016

From: Best FM Education Returns To Las Vegas, FacilitiesNet

Join us at NFMT Vegas 2016 for the facility management industry’s premier West Coast event

Conference: November 1-2, 2016, Mirage Events Center, Las Vegas

After meeting last year on the East Coast, Building Operating Management’s National Facilities Management & Technology Conference and Exhibition returns to Las Vegas. The facility management industry’s premiere West Coast educational event is back at the Mirage Events Center with more than 70 educational sessions, bonus in-depth workshops, and more than 60,000 square feet of new products and solutions on display.

Learn, interact, and gain essential insight from others’ experiences. NFMT Vegas delivers 70 educational sessions over two days, covering seven tracks designed with building owners, facility managers, and maintenance department problem-solvers in mind. Session tracks include Safety, Energy, Technology, Maintenance, Building Automation, Sustainability, and — new to Las Vegas — the Building Internet of Things (IoT)…

The new Building IoT track covers all aspects of how the Internet, wireless control, cloud computing, and other technologies are affecting how FMs do their jobs. Corporate information technology vendor Cisco presents on the digitization of building systems, while other presenters delve into the increasingly important topics of Big Data analytics, building information modeling (BIM), and the ways IoT is changing lighting choices…

The NFMT Las Vegas exhibit hall also has main-stage presentations to complement the many exhibits, demonstrations, and hands-on displays of products and solutions… While the conference sessions and exhibition are free to attend (Nov. 1-2), the four-hour workshops on Monday, Oct. 31, require an additional fee… For free registration or for more information on sessions and workshops, go to


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