Why are BIRT report parameters failing in TRIRIGA 3.5.2?

I’m seeing an issue with report parameters in BIRT. I’ve added a report parameter and bound it to a filter condition. The report runs perfectly in Eclipse. But when I uploaded the same to TRIRIGA, it’s giving me errors while the report is rendering, after entering the parameters. Surprisingly, null checks have been implemented using a script at the table level as well as on the filters, so that optional parameters are dealt with. Here’s the exception trace…

This may be related to a known issue resolved in APAR IV96587. Try the most recent fix pack and see if it resolves the issue.  If it does not, I would put in a PMR.

[Admin: This post is related to the 11.13.15 post and 07.03.15 post about having issues with BIRT report parameters. To see other related posts, use the BIRT tag.]

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Getting an error when running report in TRIRIGA not BIRT designer

I exported the .rpt and the properties file from BIRT report designer, zipped it, and then saved it in the TRIRIGA Document Manager under the respective object (in this case, triProject). I then modified and updated my query report as “External”, and then in the “Options” tab, pointed to the ZIP file from BIRT. However, when I run the report to view the BIRT report, I get a MID error. Meanwhile, the BIRT report works fine when I run it in BIRT report designer.

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.29.17 post about getting an error when evaluating script in TRIRIGA but not BIRT designer, and the 05.11.16 post about running a BIRT report ZIP. To see other related posts, use the BIRT tag.]

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What are the different chart-type and metric-type reports in TRIRIGA?

In TRIRIGA, I can see only 4 main types of chart reports: (1) pie, (2) bar, (3) lined, and (4) stacked bar, and these are two-dimensional. Are there any other chart type reports apart from these? And how can we report on multi-dimensional (more than two-dimensional) chart reports?

TRIRIGA ships with the following chart types in the table below. TRIRIGA also integrates with the BIRT and Crystal Reports engines, which have very robust reporting options. Note that as of the TRIRIGA 3.5.0 platform, anything that says “linear gauge”, will render as a circular gauge.

Name/Description Type
3D Doughnut Pie
3D Pie Pie
Bubble Bubble
Circular Bar Gauge Circular Gauge
Circular Gauge Circular Gauge
Doughnut Pie
Horizontal Grouped Bar (%) Bar (%)
Horizontal Grouped Bar Bar
Horizontal Linear Bar Gauge Linear Gauge
Horizontal Linear Tank Gauge Linear Gauge
Horizontal Stacked Bar Bar
Line/Vertical Grouped Bar Combo Line-Bar Combo
Line/Vertical Stacked Bar Combo Line-Bar Combo
Line Line
Pie Pie
Pyramid Pyramid
Spline Line
Vertical Grouped Bar (%) Bar (%)
Vertical Grouped Bar Bar
Vertical Linear Bar Gauge Linear Gauge
Vertical Linear Tank Gauge Linear Gauge
Vertical Stacked Bar Bar
Circular Bar Gauge (%) Circular Gauge (%)
Circular Gauge (%) Circular Gauge (%)
Horizontal Linear Bar Gauge (%) Linear Gauge (%)
Horizontal Linear Tank Gauge (%) Linear Gauge (%)
Vertical Linear Bar Gauge (%) Linear Gauge (%)
Vertical Linear Tank Gauge (%) Linear Gauge (%)

[Admin: The “Metric” type offers more options in addition to the “Chart” type. This post is related to the 04.17.17 post and 03.04.16 post about displaying a stacked bar chart, and the 04.05.17 post about displaying a mix of bars and stacked bars.]

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How do you export a BIRT 4.5.0 report to SpudSoft Excel format?

I am designing a BIRT 4.5.0 report which has some images in it. While trying to export the report with the SpudSoft Excel Emitter, it results in an HTML page. My requirement is to export it into a multiple-sheet workbook. That’s why I went with SpudSoft. Any suggestions on how to get the Excel format via the SpudSoft option?

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Is there a way for summary report drilldown to show specific lines?

I have a summary report that has two BOs, grouped first by project, and then by cost code, and summed by amount.

When the report runs, it shows the totals as expected. When I click one of the lines in the report, I expect to see a tabular report showing, for that project, cost code, and amount, the values that contribute to the total only. Instead, all the projects and all the cost codes are displayed, as well as what I want to see. Is there a way in a summary report to click on a line and see only the lines that make up the total?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure the report to do what you are expecting here. You may want to develop a BIRT report to accomplish this. You could look at hierarchical reports as an option as well, but you might lose some of the summary options. You might want to submit a request for enhancement (RFE) on this.

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IV96379: BIRT “Export Report” option defaults to PostScript

With TRIRIGA and BIRT 4.3.1 on Windows Server 2012 R2, we see that the “Export Report” option in a BIRT report defaults to “PostScript”, whereas in the current TRIRIGA production version, it is defaulted to “Excel”. We want this export report option to be defaulted to “Excel” in TRIRIGA as well. Only after upgrading from to, we are seeing this change.

The BIRT engine did not sort the export options by default. Moving forward, the list of format options when exporting a BIRT report are now in alphabetical order, with the default being Excel XLS.

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