How do you access documents in TRIRIGA Document Manager via URL?

Can I access a document stored in the IBM TRIRIGA database via a URL address? I need to get some documents out of a valid IBM TRIRIGA session.

The IBM TRIRIGA platform stores documents in binary large object (BLOB) fields. They are not available in typical operating-system folder or directory structures. To access these documents, you need to login to IBM TRIRIGA and open the Document Manager. There is no direct URL to get into the BLOB field. The document is stored in a way that it cannot be read from a regular browser. You need to use Document Manager to read the documents stored in these BLOB fields. Some forms may have links to Document Manager that load specific documents from BLOB fields.

If the company uses an ECM that supports CMIS, such as Documentum or IBM FileNet Content Manager, you can enable the CMIS in the TRIRIGA Application Platform so that files and folders can be managed by using the TRIRIGA Document Manager and then stored in the ECM. You enable CMIS by setting the CMIS properties in the file, either on the server or in the IBM TRIRIGA Administrator Console. You must restart the server for the changes to the file to take effect. After CMIS is enabled, the ECM administrator can proceed to configure the ECM settings as necessary…

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.02.16 post about integrating with CMIS or ECM solutions, the 06.09.16 post about using an ECM solution instead of Document Manager, and the 04.13.16 post about uploading 6500 locations with several attachments each.]

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Why aren’t images being displayed in BIRT report?

Is there a bug in TRIRIGA 3.5.1 or BIRT 4.6 that is neither displaying images in the report in Eclipse, nor when the report is imported into TRIRIGA? I am using a TRIRIGA-scripted data source and not a JDBC data source. The reason I ask is because I have tried to get the triImageIM field displayed as an image in the BIRT report, but it does not work. I have tried the following options:

  • 1. Bind the triImageIM field to an Image element using Dynamic Image.
  • 2. Bind the triImageIM field to an Image element using URI.
  • 3. I have also tried changing the data type to BLOB as well as used getNativeValue() method.
  • 4. I have also tried to get the Image from the Documents data set, but it still does not work.

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Why does the deleted record still appear in the DM_CONTENT table?

In TRIRIGA 10.3.1, when we delete an email attachment record, the record gets deleted from the t_EmailAttachment table. But the details of the binary field in the DM_CONTENT (Document Manager Content) table against the same email attachment record stays even after the Cleanup Agent completes successfully.

Has anyone faced the same issue before? What could be the probable cause and solution to it? If it is an application known issue, does it happens for all of the BLOB fields? I’d really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!

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Is there a way to encrypt the AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA?

Our customer wants to secure the confidential AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA. Do you know how the AutoCAD data is stored in TRIRIGA? In the database or in the file system? Are there any options to encrypt the AutoCAD data in TRIRIGA?

Generally, we store TRIRIGA data on the AutoCAD drawings, not the other way around. For example, we store a floor record ID on an attached drawing, and space record IDs on attached spaces, etc. We do not store any AutoCAD handles in TRIRIGA at all. The main exception is when publishing a drawing to TRIRIGA, in which case, we do store the DXF information in the TRIRIGA database. We also store a graphical representation of the publish drawing as binary data in BLOB fields in the database. We do store some information in a few database tables for bookkeeping purposes…

In general, this data is not easily accessible in TRIRIGA itself, requiring back-end database access instead. So any AutoCAD data we use is stored in the TRIRIGA database. I’m not really familiar with the encryption options here; you might want to inquire in the TRIRIGA Application Platform forum…

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How does TRIRIGA store and secure uploaded documents?

How are uploaded documents stored and secured in the TRIRIGA application? Knowing this will give insight on how documents are being stored in the database, especially if the files uploaded contain Sensitive Personal Information (SPI).

Uploaded documents are stored in TRIRIGA as binary large object (BLOB) data in the database and are therefore not readable. Your TRIRIGA security should be set up to restrict access to these files from the TRIRIGA application.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.08.16 post about where your documents go in TRIRIGA.]

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How do you integrate AutoCAD DXF content in a BIRT report?

I need to integrate BIRT and AutoCAD DXF files. Is there a possible way to show the DXF content saved in the TRIRIGA database (as BLOB) in a BIRT report? If this is executed, we will be able to see the floor graphic on the BIRT report, design it, and customize it. I appreciate your help.

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