Why do exceptions for currency conversion appear in server.log?

How do I address the cause of currency conversion exceptions that are appearing in my TRIRIGA server.log file so they stop being logged? The exception can occur as a result of currency conversion being done when a user profile has a different currency than the base currency. Here are some examples of the exception seen in the log:

Error in Conversion from >CHINESE YUAN RENMINBI< to >US Dollars< . Using conversion rate of 1.
Error in Conversion from >NIGERIAN NAIRA< to >US Dollars< . Using conversion rate of 1.

There are generally two ways to resolve this:

  • 1. Add currency conversion values to allow the currency conversion to take place. The documentation can be found in the IBM Knowledge Center: Currency.
  • 2. Confirm every user profile has the same currency as the base currency. The base currency is defined in the TRIRIGAWEB.properties file.

Also, check for duplicate UOM values for currency. This could explain the exception if the first two options fail to resolve the problem…

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Is there a way to export language packs as Excel spreadsheets?

I am wondering if it is possible to export a user-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from TRIRIGA with the English translations in one column and the French, Danish, Chinese, or other language in another column (with one spreadsheet for each target language). If so, then this file could be uploaded back into TRIRIGA and the translation would be updated.

TRIRIGA only supports language packs in XLIFF file format, and they must be in this format for importing via Globalization Manager. This is why the export utility also generates the XLIFF format. You may have some luck with third-party tools to convert an XLIFF file into an Excel file. But it’s important that you convert it back to an XLIFF file with the same structure as the files in our shipping language packs. For example, tags like <tririga> and its attributes would need to be retained as-is.

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Are you ready for IBM TRIRIGA?

[Google Translated from Chinese]

When all the Internet at your fingertips, you ready?

IBM to launch this enterprise asset management solutions (IBM Maximo) and real estate management solutions (IBM TRIRIGA), and to its big data analysis capabilities for travel and transportation, and other asset-intensive companies…

Use IBM TRIRIGA real estate management solutions, business operations supervisor can evaluate the balance sheet, profit and loss equipment leasing, you can identify underutilized and poor performance of facilities, assets can be streamlined throughout the estate. But also by efficiently large data analysis on the investment in real property assessment and decision making. At present, the solutions are widely used in finance, real estate industry.

In a Fortune 100 company, for example, the enterprises in the world’s major cities have redundancy, underutilized real estate assets, such as repetitive IT, an excess of conference rooms and training rooms, companies do not have centralized, systematic approach to effective management of real estate , while aid, IBM TRIRIGA, the actual cost savings over four years more than 925 million US dollars…

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[Original Chinese]

当万物互联触手可及 你准备好了吗?

对此IBM推出企业资产管理解决方案(IBM Maximo)和不动产管理解决方案(IBM TRIRIGA),并把其大数据分析能力用于旅游与运输等资产密集型企业。

利用IBM TRIRIGA不动产管理解决方案,企业运营主管可以评估资产负债表、设备租赁损益,可以识别未充分利用和性能欠佳的设施、资产,可以精简遍及各地的不动产。而且可以通过有效地大数据分析,对所投资不动产进行评估和决策。目前该解决方案广泛用于金融、房地产行业。

以某个全球100强企业为例,该企业在全球重要城市拥有冗余、利用不足的不动产资产,比如重复的IT、过量的会议室和培训室,企业没有集中、系统的方法来有效管理不动产,而借助于,IBM TRIRIGA,四年间实际成本节约超过9.25亿美元。

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Resolution of the enterprise mobility market

[Google Translated from Chinese]

Resolution of the enterprise mobility market

As early as in 2012, SAP is complete enterprise mobile application platform developer Syclo acquisitions. Syclo is a help companies build and deploy secure applications in mobile devices. In addition, Syclo also help services and enterprises to expand their areas of expertise applied to the mobile platform. The company’s product support for IBM, Oracle, TRIRIGA and SAP data integration.

Similarly such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, IT giants such layout is usually adopted in the mobile area is the acquisition of companies or cooperation with industry, the advantage is on the one hand does not affect the progress of the main line of business, on the other hand also make up their own lack of “Internet gene”. This is the most direct and effective way to quickly capture market means, however, such an approach is good enough for it?

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[Original Chinese]




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