UX: Can you provide the command to vulcanize the Space apps code?

We did some customizations on the Space Assessment and Space Management apps in TRIRIGA 10.5.2/ I made the changes on the non-vulcanized version of Space Assessment and Space Management. I want to vulcanize the code after the modifications. Can you provide the steps and command to vulcanize them?

Basically, I ran into the following error when I type in the “tri-vulcanize” command. But I already installed tri-vulcanize. Do you know the root cause for this error?

'tri-vulcanize' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Take a look at the following links:

That error occurs when the “npm install tri-vulcanize -g” command has failed. Did you include the -g option when running the install?

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How do you create Java classes from Apache CXF WSDL2Java tool?

I am having an issue when creating Java classes (TririgaWS and TririgaWSPortType) from the Apache CXF WSDL2Java utility. I am using Apache CXF version 3.1.1. My TRIRIGA version is 3.5. The issue is that the CXF WSDL2Java tool is creating all Java services except the TririgaWS and TririgaWSPortType Java file.

I am generating the Java file via the command prompt:

> wsdl2java http://localhost:8001/ws/TririgaWS?wsdl

WSDLToJava Error: Parameter: content already exists for method delete but of type com.tririga.ws.dto.content.Content instead of com.tririga.ws.dto.content.Response. Use a JAXWS/JAXB binding customization to rename the parameter.

Try using the -autoNameResolution argument in your command. For example:

wsdl2java -autoNameResolution http://localhost:8001/ws/TririgaWS?wsdl

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Where is the latest AutoCAD Command Line API for 12.1.5?

With the release of CAD Integrator-Publisher (CI) 12.1.5 included with TRIRIGA 3.5.2, we added some additional API commands to enhance reporting capabilities. The new commands have been reflected in the TRIRIGA wiki.

Command Specifications (12.1.5.x and later)

  • CiApplyTheme
  • CiQueryThemes
  • CiApplyReport
  • CiQueryReports
  • CiApplyLabelStyle
  • CiQueryLabelStyles
  • CiApplyLabelFilter
  • CiQueryLabelFilters

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.12.16 post and 10.30.15 post about TRIRIGA CI AutoCAD commands and equivalent AutoLISP commands.]

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Is a timeout error causing CI LISP API commands to return nil?

We are using LISP commands to attach and publish CAD drawings according to the API specification on this TRIRIGA wiki page. Each command should normally return the value T if it has completed successfully. When attaching or publishing two of our CAD drawings, the LISP command returned nil instead of the expected value T…

Is the timeout error causing those LISP commands to return nil? It is worth noting that each of these two drawings took more than one minute to complete the respective command, likely due to the drawings’ complexity. Has anyone encountered this error? Is there any way we could configure the timeout value for LISP commands?

Yes, and there is a timeout factor of one minute. This is not currently configurable. I’d suggest opening a request for enhancement (RFE) for this situation at the very least.

[Admin: This post is related to the 10.30.15 post about TRIRIGA CI AutoCAD commands and equivalent AutoLISP commands.]

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How do you add the CI 12.1.4 menu in menu bar with AutoCAD 2016?

I just installed CAD Integrator 12.1.4 and I use it with AutoCAD 2016. I can manually enter commands in the command line. But I don’t see the menu in the menu bar. I know that in the previous AutoCAD version, we have to use the classic workspace. What is the procedure to add the CAD Integrator menu in the menu bar? Do I create an AutoCAD classic workspace?

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.29.15 article by Autodesk Support. The AutoCAD classic workspace is not available in AutoCAD 2015 and later versions. But the classic workspace can still be added to the interface.]

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Activating DEBUG mode with LAX_DEBUG for TRIRIGA installers

When running the IBM TRIRIGA platform installer, you may turn on the LAX_DEBUG parameter for the installer to run in DEBUG mode: LAX_DEBUG=true [installer command line] where: (a) LAX_DEBUG is the parameter, (b) true (or false) activates (or deactivates) the installer debug mode, and (c) [installer command line] is the regular installer command line, the same command you’d use if not using LAX_DEBUG.

For Linux/Unix, use the bash or sh shell for executing the installer using LAX_DEBUG. For Windows, use the command prompt or shell and make sure you use the “Run As Administrator” right-click option when executing, so that the administrator security rights are correctly set to the session. The extra DEBUG log lines are printed out to the console. The ant.log isn’t impacted. Copy and paste the console output lines as text, so that you can better check the installer tracing information. It may be really useful when troubleshooting IBM TRIRIGA installer runs and this is part of the required information IBM TRIRIGA support would request for these cases.

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