How do you check several values in the Switch task of a workflow?

How can I check if a field has one among a set of values in the switch task of a workflow? For example, whether the field cstNameTX has either “a” or “b” or “c”? I tried the Switch task with the expression similar to the following, but it doesn’t work: cstNameTX == (“a” || “b” || “c”). Should I try the following expression: cstNameTX == “a” || cstNameTX==”b”, etc.? Is there a system function for this?

You can nest the switches instead of trying to have multiple entries in the expression…

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Why is “Live Link” option available for a classification type field?

I’m currently working on an application upgrade. When I generated a comparison report, I found a weird conflict. The “Live Link” option belongs to smart sections, but in the report, this option is available for a classification field. Should we ignore this conflict? Because there is no “Live Link” option in the Data Modeler for a classification field.

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How do you compare two lists of contacts to find missing records?

I would like to know if there is a way to compare two lists of triContactRole records and find the records that are not in both lists. The case is as follows: (1) One list of triContactRole records is associated to the triCapitalProject object. (2) The other list of records is associated to the triPurchaseOrder object. (3) So I would like to copy the triContactRole records from capital project to purchase order, but only those that do not already exist in purchase order. Is there any way to do that?

One way might be to have a workflow where a Query task grabs all of the resulting contact role records associated to the capital project record. Then have an Iterator (Iter) task that goes through each of those records. Within the Iter, you can have another Query task grabbing the contact role records of the purchase order record using the Iter record as a filter. Then have a Switch task that says if the result count of the second Query task = 0, then create the contact role record for the purchase order record.

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IV97245: Gantt section not keeping the associated report sort order

In a Gantt section, the section is not honoring the associated report sort order.

The issue was caused by the dynamic ordering that was implemented by the project tasks’ internal tree set. The BO query comparison was performed by using the string form of the columns. Moving forward, we resolved an issue where the default Gantt sort ordering, and the sort ordering immediately after importing an MPP project file, did not correctly order by the sequence ID based on the Gantt section query configuration.

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How do you compare if one field is equal to another in same form?

I’m making a query and need to check one field in a form against another field in the same form to see if they are equal. I’ve seen examples where you can compare from the current object to $$Parent::RecordInformation::triDivision$$. But the field I want to compare is on the same record. I’m hoping to not have to make a new field and workflow. How do I do this?

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How do you compare a value in the “if” condition of a formula?

I want to do a custom sort of my status field in the work task for an OSLC query. I planned to implement this by adding an extended formula field, to calculate an index based on the status ID value, by which the sort order would represent what I want. But when I started this, I came across a problem: How do you compare the status with a value in the “if” condition of an extended formula?

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Seeing a bug in object migration with forms set to “Read Only”

We are using the TRIRIGA platform and have noticed a bug when migrating security groups that contain forms set to “Read Only”. Here is a generic setup of the problem. I created a new security group in our dev environment called “Document – Read Only” with the following permissions:

  • Document (Module level) left as default – No Access
  • Document (Form level)
    • Data Access = Read
    • Application Access
      • Permissions::Download::Permissions
    • Tabs
      • Associations – No Access
      • Discussions – No Access
      • Permissions – No Access
      • triDistribution – No Access
      • triSystem – No Access
      • Work Flow Instance – No Access

All of the other tabs were left at their default values of “Inherit from Parent”. I imported this package into our test environment via Object Migration and compared the permissions. The result shows that there is a bug in Object Migration. The settings for Application Access and all tab settings imported correctly, but the Data Access in the migrated group was set to “Inherit from Parent” instead of “Read”. Has anyone else seen this on, or any other version?

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Is there a way to export multiple workflows as text in one pass?

A TRIRIGA question at IBM InterConnect 2016 was asked of us: Is it possible to export multiple workflows as text in a single pass? Yes, it is possible to do, and here is how (from scratch). In Platform 3.4.2 and later:

  • 1. Create a blank object migration (OM) package.
  • 2. Add the workflows you want to compare to the OM package.
  • 3. In the Navigation pane, click on Workflows.
  • 4. In the Objects pane, select the workflows, then click the “Text Export Selected” action.

A zip file with the selected workflows will be saved to your workstation. If you perform the same tasks from a different environment, you can then open the zip files, and use any comparison tool to see the differences en masse.

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