Why is a cost code path corrupted when applying a template?

We have an issue where sometimes after applying a cost code template to a project, the hierarchy path will not be complete. It will be missing all of the parent path and only shows the name. This issue is only visible in the app by viewing the System Path field inside the form or by using a SQL query, because the system path in the T_TRICOSTCODE table is correct, but the object path field in the IBS_SPEC table is the one that’s not complete. The issue does not have much consequence unless you are using the rollup fields, in which case the corrupt cost code path will cause a posted transaction to fail.

If there are customers who use cost codes heavily, you can try running the following SQL, and if you get any results back, then that means the issue is present at some level in your environment. It is not necessary that you use the Apply Template to create your cost codes, as I have heard of others having the issue where their cost codes are created via an integration. This SQL is for Oracle and may need a tweak for SQL Server. If any customers can run this, and see if they have the issue, it may help us identify how it happens.

select tripathsy, triprojectnamesy, OBJECT_PATH from t_tricostcode T1, IBS_SPEC T2 where T1.spec_id in (select spec_id from ibs_Spec where type_name = ‘triCostCode’ and object_path not like ‘%\Cost Code%’) AND T1.spec_id = T2.spec_id and tripathsy like ‘%\Cost Code%’

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Is there a way to add child service codes in the cost code hierarchy?

Is it possible to add a child service code in the cost code hierarchy? In the location cost code, I can add another location, project or service code. However, in the service cost code, there is no further sub-level hierarchy. I presume one of the workflows needs some altering, but I’m not sure which one?

In the TRIRIGA as-shipped application configuration, service codes aren’t configured to have sub-levels (children). This isn’t configured in workflows, but rather in Form Builder. See the second tab labeled “Includes/Forms”. In the screenshot, you can see what the location cost code allows to be included under it. On the Service Request form, you can see that as-shipped applications do not allow children. You can allow this with a customization, but realize that anything you want to do with the child records will need to be configured in workflows as well.

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Is there a way for summary report drilldown to show specific lines?

I have a summary report that has two BOs, grouped first by project, and then by cost code, and summed by amount.

When the report runs, it shows the totals as expected. When I click one of the lines in the report, I expect to see a tabular report showing, for that project, cost code, and amount, the values that contribute to the total only. Instead, all the projects and all the cost codes are displayed, as well as what I want to see. Is there a way in a summary report to click on a line and see only the lines that make up the total?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure the report to do what you are expecting here. You may want to develop a BIRT report to accomplish this. You could look at hierarchical reports as an option as well, but you might lose some of the summary options. You might want to submit a request for enhancement (RFE) on this.

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How long does it take to migrate 3000 projects into TRIRIGA?

We are in a process of implementing Capital Projects and were wondering if we can get some timelines from any of your previous data migration experiences. We have a system setup based on the Performance Best Practices document, advanced infrastructure, with a total of 4 GB JVM. So, approximately how long will it take for me to migrate the following into TRIRIGA?

  • (a) 3000 Capital Projects with 200+ cost codes per project, multiple bids per project, change orders.
  • (b) 500 Projects with 200+ cost codes per project, multiple bids per project, change orders.

I understand it’s difficult to gauge, but we’d like just a ballpark timeline. Any number or timelines will be of great help.

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How do you fix a corrupted cost code hierarchy?

I’ve encountered this in two environments. Both are TRIRIGA and they are running one Workflow Agent. All I did in the environments was cut and paste some cost codes under a different parent and renamed a few records. When I open the cost code hierarchy, I see this message:

Please contact your system administrator. The tree control reported this error while trying to draw itself: There was an error in the database or the query definition.

I then added triCostCode to the cache rebuild property and when I refresh the cache, I receive this error…

Since this was a development environment, I OM’ed all of the changes out, and used a fresh copy of production to restore the data. I suspect that this was caused by deleted projects which were still associated to project cost code records. Therefore, if I actually went in and cleaned up the hierarchy records in the database, I think I could have resolved this issue manually.

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IV82154: Data Modeler budget token panel freezes

In TRIRIGA, the Data Modeler does not allow us to set a budget token. The popup for budget tokens opens, but the Update and Insert action buttons never activate, and occasionally the form freezes with a long running script error.

Steps to replicate:

  • 1) Open Data Modeler.
  • 2) Navigate to triInventory::triInventoryItem.
  • 3) Revise BO.
  • 4) Open any field that is a Financial Rollup.

We have verified this behavior in IE and Chrome.

Cost codes in a flat structure caused a large amount of data to be transmitted. We have improved the performance of the Budget Token panel when inserting or updating the Financial Rollup type of parameter in the TRIRIGA Data Modeler. This way, the Budget Token panel will not freeze when loading huge amounts of data.

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IV81476: Cost code hierarchy tree is not built on multiple servers

Upon the creation of a project, there is a custom workflow which creates the cost code structure for the project. But upon completion of the workflow, it seems that only the cost code records are created, not the tree view. It is happening only in the app server, since the cost code records and its tree view are created correctly in the process server. We confirmed that all of the settings are the same as other servers in the UAT environment (APP1, PRC1, APP2, PRC2).

So we are wondering, what could be the cause of the tree view failure in the app server? It is reproducible in the multiple server environment, and it is always the system user as it is part of the offline process. We didn’t have this issue in the dev environment and it is running in single server.

As a temporary fix, you can manually flush the Hierarchy Tree Data through the Admin Console of each server. The customTask: ClearCacheAndRebuildHierarchyTree needs to update the cache globally across all servers. We have created a new clear cache event. The caller of this new event is the custom task: com.tririga.platform.admin.cache.web.CacheProcessingCustomTask.

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