Can anyone help with BIRT reports that print work orders?

I need to know if there is any other documentation available to get an in-depth knowledge of BIRT? I’m trying to do something fairly simple. I want to write a report that prints out our work orders. I can’t get the associations (triResources) to show up in the report. I know I’m missing something fairly obvious, but I have been researching this for several days and I can’t get access to associated data. I have both queries listed as data sets but can’t get them to link together.

Has anyone had any success with any other programs, besides Crystal, to push reports to specific printers without creating a separate report for each printer?

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How do you set FRONT_END_SERVER in the TRIRIGA application?

Customers may encounter the following issues, if the FRONT_END_SERVER property of the TRIRIGA application is not properly set:

  • 1. Application is accessed, but the resources do not load.
  • 2. BIRT reports or Crystal Reports do not render correctly.
  • 3. Gantt charts are not being displayed.

First, check the FRONT_END_SERVER property in these locations: (1) TRIRIGA Admin Console > System Manager > TRIRIGA Web, (2) file. Note that the value should exactly match the URL that is used to go to TRIRIGA in the browser.

Second, if you use something like http:// to go to TRIRIGA, then the FRONT_END_SERVER should be [Admin: This is actually incorrect. The protocol is no longer optional.]

Third, if you use a port to access TRIRIGA, that must be included as well.

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.14.15 post about using the FRONT_END_SERVER setting, and the 07.27.15 post about the FRONT_END_SERVER protocol being a requirement.]

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Why doesn’t Crystal Reports run after upgrading IBM TRIRIGA?

We have upgraded IBM TRIRIGA and we discovered that executing SAP Crystal Reports (either query or direct connection type reports) throws errors in the server log. On several occasions, our whole application was frozen or brought down by executing Crystal Reports. The following sample shows the error messages printed out in the server.log file…

[Admin: To see other related posts, use the “crystal report” search phrase.]

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What are the default ports for the TRIRIGA Application Platform?

These are the default ports when installing WebSphere Liberty and TRIRIGA 3.4.2+. Note that there are 3 entries from application/process server to each database type. Your installation will only use 1 of those default ports. Any of these ports is configurable in their respective configuration. The purpose of this wiki page is to show the default ports, not to detail how to change them. Refer to the installation and configuration documentation of that particular tier on how to change the ports.

  • Client Browser > Web Server > http on port 80
  • Client Browser > HTTPS Web Server > https on port 443
  • System Admin’s Browser > Application Server > http on port 8001, for direct access to the TRIRIGA System Admin Console
  • System Admin’s Browser > Process Server > http on port 8001
  • Web Server > Liberty Application Server > http/proxy on port 8001
  • Application Server > Oracle Database Server > jdbc on port 1521
  • Application Server > MSSQL Database Server > jdbc on port 1443
  • Application Server > DB2 Database Server > jdbc on port 1521
  • Application Server > BIRT Process Server > birt on port defined in
  • Application Server > Crystal Server > rpt on port 1566
  • Application Server > Brava > http on port 8080
  • Process Server > Oracle Database Server > jdbc on port 1521
  • Process Server > MSSQL Database Server > jdbc on port 1443
  • Process Server > DB2 Database Server > jdbc on port 50001
  • Process Server > Outgoing Mail Server > smtp on port 25
  • Process Server > Incoming Mail Server > pop3 on port 110
  • Process Server > Incoming Mail Server > imap on port 143
  • Process Server > Incoming Mail Server > imaps on port 944

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How do you use the FRONT_END_SERVER setting?

How is the FRONT_END_SERVER setting used? Does it affect all browsers for TRIRIGA I know that workflows and the Associations tab use it, but is it used for standard forms? Do all browsers need to have this set correctly? Or only IE?

I’m not familiar with it being needed for the Associations tab. In general, the main use of FRONT_END_SERVER is for BIRT reporting, Crystal reporting if applicable, and possibly workflow notifications. Maybe Gantt too, but it’s hard for me to tell. Famously, we had to use the FRONT_END_SERVER property in order to address the Microsoft update issue here.

However, this requirement as far as I know only extends to 3.4.1.x and earlier; 3.4.2.x should no longer need this requirement. Maybe someone can confirm this? Multi-browser support starts at 3.4.2, so I think the FRONT_END_SERVER requirement is only for IE and only for 3.4.1.x and earlier releases.

[Admin: This post is related to the 03.13.15 post about the Workflow Builder alert, and the 07.27.15 post about the FRONT_END_SERVER requirement.]

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Having an issue with TRIRIGA BIRT reports and number fields

I am working on a Crystal-to-BIRT report conversion with TRIRIGA and I am facing one problem. I have one number field with UOM (field is rate) in TRIRIGA. In BIRT, the data type is Java Object. When this field has a value in the database (like 1, 2, etc.), the report is printing correct in the output. But if this value is 0, it’s showing no value in the BIRT output, just a blank field. Any suggestions?

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