Why aren’t the INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS file types uploaded as expected?

When trying to upload a file type that should be allowed based on the contents of the INCLUDE_EXTENSIONS and EXCLUDE_EXTENSIONS lines, the user gets a message stating that uploading a file of that type is not allowed. Why?

Adding spaces in the extension list will invalidate any other defined value after the first one listed. In the TRIRIGA 3.5.2 and later releases, more variables were added to the TRIRIGAWEB.properties file, for more-precise control over what can be loaded as an attachment to a record, or added to Document Manager. These variables are documented in the TRIRIGA Release Notes, but to give the basic information, these are the two new sets of variables:


Any file extensions can be added here, but the format of the list needs to be properly set. Use only comma-separated values (CSV) without spaces to build the string. If there are any spaces in the list, remove them…

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IV91297: Calendar list view export to CSV file is corrupted

When exporting from Reservations (Calendar View) > List View, the data is exported in CSV format. When this CSV is imported into Microsoft Excel, the data becomes corrupt. It does not show columns correctly.

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Does anyone know about the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for RSMeans?

Has anyone used the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for RSMeans? If so, is the connector something that is already built into the base TRIRIGA? Or is it something that is purchased separately and then installed?

It is not a direct integration. We have a utility object for services to import RSMeans data into the TRIRIGA system. You need to buy RSMeans data which basically comes with text format, you need to format it into CSV files, then using Data Integrator to import into the utility object, you can finally start the process to create. The process of converting text file data into CSV format is a little tedious, so I would suggest engaging IBM Services to import the RSMeans data. The imported RSMeans data will be used in the Opportunity estimation process.

[Updated 11.13.17]

Gordian now offers an API which supports more seamless integration of RSMeans data with both TRIRIGA and Maximo.

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