Cohesive Solutions to present at TRIMAX 2017 on importance of KPIs

Anthony Honaker, VP of product strategy and development at Cohesive Solutions, is slated to speak at this year’s TRIMAX 2017 conference on November 30th. Hosted by IBM, TRIMAX is an annual TRIRIGA and Maximo Enterprise Asset Management user group conference. Throughout the conference, clients, business partners, and IBM representatives share their knowledge, use cases, and innovative thoughts around the products and associated business processes.

“What makes a great learning experience for our attendees is having solid content presented by leaders like Cohesive who have industry experience and first-hand knowledge of the challenges Maximo users face today,” said Tina Scott, IBM Business Development Manager and TRIMAX leader.

Honaker’s presentation – “Beyond Dashboards: Using Measures and KPIs to improve your processes and achieve business results” – walks through the health and management of the business processes that support the organization’s overall strategy. This presentation will discuss how organizations can focus on improving their operations, as well as the use of their business systems, and achieve real business results by looking beyond dashboards, and using KPIs to improve the business processes and achieve results.

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ValuD: What do you look for in a TRIRIGA mobility solution?

Mobility has revolutionized business. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices. What does that mean for facility maintenance?  With service technicians always on-the-go, accessing TRIRIGA remotely can help maximize efficiency and productivity by combining the convenience and power of handheld devices, like smartphones and tablets, with the robust capabilities of TRIRIGA

How can MobilD help

ValuD’s MobilD – Mobility Delivered for TRIRIGA – brings a role-based user experience and intuitive dashboard and KPIs to ensure the requester views information that is directly relevant to his/her role and gets quicker access to data. MobilD can help the requester to:

  • Create all types of asset-related service requests for self and their team
  • Select the location as well as the user-specific asset by scanning the bar code or the QR code of the asset
  • Provide a brief description of the problem
  • Add and update attachments like images, documents, audio and video
  • Assign service request priority
  • Track open and closed service requests in real time
  • Receive notifications
  • View survey requests on task completion and perform survey actions
  • Change password from mobile…

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How can you leverage IBM Watson Analytics for your TRIRIGA data?

Watson Analytics is an intuitive, cloud-based analytics tool that will help TRIRIGA users explore their data for insights and display findings as dashboards and infographics for easy sharing. All without having to become a data scientist.

Watson Analytics guides data discovery and predictive analytics by using automatic visualizations and enables dashboard creation so that you can get insights and make informed decisions. Pairing Watson Analytics with data from TRIRIGA enables you to explore your integrated workplace management processes and obtain new insights on your day to day operations. The IBM Watson Analytics service will allow you to discover patterns and meanings in your data.

The TRIRIGA Connector for Watson Analytics gives you the ability to export your TRIRIGA data into Watson Analytics. With Watson Analytics, you can tune data, discover insights to help solve your business problems, and display your findings…

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Smart buildings success includes dashboards and data analytics

The past few years have seen a surge of products and options that facility managers can use to examine, analyze, predict, and improve building performance and reduce energy costs. But connecting the dots in an increasingly complex web — the Building Internet of Things — often takes serious consideration, practical attention to budgets, and resolute effort.

Many organizations currently collect data, but want to use that data more effectively. This is the case for Texas Christian University. The university does a lot of data collection and monitoring but not a lot of data analytics, reports Chris Honkomp, assistant vice chancellor for facilities. “We have that on our list of issues to address in the next year, but are focused on installation of a new maintenance management system right now, and will address analytics as a part of this process.”

Many organizations have been collecting data for years, but as prices on the software that aggregates and trends these information points comes down, more facility managers are buying into data analytics of one sort or another. Just how far any specific organization has gone depends on a range of factors, including expertise, staffing levels, available data, time, and of course budget. A look at three facility organizations shows the range of current practices and challenges…

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iOffice: IWMS custom reporting engine

The new reporting feature introduced by iOffice for the company’s integrated workplace management software (IWMS) provides facility executives and their staff members significant control of and immediate access to their data, in a comprehensive and custom format.

Applicable to all 10 modules encompassed by iOffice’s IWMS, this custom reporting engine lets users design their own dashboards and customize detailed charts based on standard benchmarks and KPIs like room occupancy, space utilization, asset lifespan, patterns of maintenance requests, employee movement, or ad hoc reporting.

Facility management executives can implement the 10 modules individually or bundled to their needs. iOffice Workplace Management Software features the following modules: Space Management, Move Management, Facility Maintenance, Room Reservations, Asset Tracking, Inventory Tracking, and Visitor Management. The Office Management Software also features the Inventory Tracking and Visitor Management modules, in addition to Manage Copy & Print, Manage Mailroom, Manage Files modules…

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Having an issue with dashboards not loading metrics

[Updated 07.02.15]

In our demo environment, dashboards load correctly and drop-down lists are populated. But in our development environment, dashboards do not load and drop-down lists are not populated… I get some warnings in the log when I interact with the UI… I am also getting a bunch of warnings in the security.log file…

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[Updated 06.12.15]

I have a problem with TRIRIGA dashboards.

  • (1) When I load a dashboard by clicking on a performance metric in the portal, the WPM screen appears but it is empty (no metrics in the left pane). There is no error in the server.log for this step.
  • (2) When I try to select a value in the droplist (right-pane), I get the following error (the SPEC_ID varies depending on the WPM dashboard I access, here it is WPM Space Planner):
    Caused by: com.tririga.platform.query.api.QueryException: Hierarchical instance data of SPEC_ID 1588134 has an invalid starting point.
  • (3) When I am in the Condition Assessment WPM screen, I get the SPEC_ID for the root building system class (1656207) .

Any idea where this can come from? Can this come from the upgrade to 10.4.1?

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