How do you find the database field names used by a report?

The following question came my way recently: “I would like to write a Risks report that can be output through an external report server using the TRIRIGA data tables, but I am unable to find any of the text fields in the T_TRIRISKITEM table being used by the canned TRIRIGA All Risk Items report.”

In case it is useful for others (I am sure this has come up for others when writing external reports as well), I have posted this question and will be following up with an answer. What’s challenging here is that no public-facing TRIRIGA entity relationship diagrams exist and database table names are not published in TRIRIGA client-facing documentation. Even if you can determine the table name to look at (here, T_TRIRISKITEM), how do you find the specific fields you need? Is there a trick to finding what database field or column names are used when a TRIRIGA report or query is run?

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How do you treat mezzanine spaces in CAD Integrator?

Suppose you have a floor plan that includes mezzanine spaces. The depiction of these mezzanine spaces appears outside of the gross boundary. The end result is that CAD Integrator will not recognize these mezzanine spaces as a part of the same floor diagram, meaning any changes in the configuration of the mezzanine space cannot properly update the mezzanine space records, assuming they exist in TRIRIGA. Attaching the drawing as if it were a new floor plan results in those mezzanine spaces not having comparable space records created.

Has anyone else had a similar situation and come up with a solution such that the mezzanine spaces are treated in much the same way as the rest of the spaces on the floor plan?

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Are there any public IBM TRIRIGA entity relationship diagrams?

Do any entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) or technical documents that would help an IBM client understand what TRIRIGA database tables exist and how they are associated to one another?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. This information is all proprietary. No public-facing entity relationship diagrams or similar technical documents exist that explain TRIRIGA workings from a low-level, database perspective.

[Admin: A similar article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal.]

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IV81654: Diagram action in the Data Modeler was removed

After, the View > Diagram menu action was removed from the Data Modeler, but there is no documentation explaining why this was removed.

The Data Modeler Diagram functionality was removed in the 3.4.2 release, and will remain removed in the future. But no release note was added to explain the change, and why. Essentially, the diagram functionality was redundant, and caused browsers to crash if many associations were added to business objects. The Association Manager is the superior solution to view the relationships between business objects.

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Where can you find the IBM TRIRIGA process flow diagrams?

[Updated 07.28.17 to add 10.5.x Service fulfillment (detailed) and 10.5.x Capital projects. Updated 12.17.16 to add 10.5.x Reservation (detailed) and 10.5.x Maintenance and service (detailed). Updated 09.06.16 to add 10.5.x Managing portfolio data. Updated 06.11.16 to add 10.4.x IBM TRIRIGA Anywhere.]

Have you ever wondered where you can find all of the TRIRIGA process flow diagrams in the IBM Knowledge Center? Or if a TRIRIGA post existed that listed them conveniently all in one place? Well, now you don’t have to wonder or worry any longer. I’ve done my best to list all of the flowcharts and diagrams that I can find or remember in the Knowledge Center, in the latest versions of IBM TRIRIGA 10.5.x and 3.5.x. But if you find any that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know.

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What are the TRIRIGA training paths to certification?

[Updated 01.28.20]

Here’s the most-recent link to the IBM Skills Gateway.

[Updated 02.06.17]

Use this training path to see the courses you need to take to achieve a particular skill or certification. Click on the course boxes to access a course description, view its schedule, and enroll. This training path includes both TRIRIGA 10.2 and 10.3 versions which are applicable to customers seeking training on either version.


Course Name Code
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Portfolio *TOS26G
IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Operations & Maintenance *TA510/TA511G
IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Capital Projects TA521G
IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 RE Contract Management TA531G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 RE Transaction Management *TA540/TA541G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.2 RE Environmental Sustainability *TA550G
IBM TRIRIGA 10.2 Facilities Space Management *TA560/TA561G
*IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Facilities Strategic Facility Planning *TA570G
IBM TRIRIGA 3.3 Application Platform I TA611G
IBM TRIRIGA 3.3 Application Platform II TA701G
*Course is no longer offered

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.27.16 post about ValuD’s full IBM TRIRIGA training catalog.]

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Having questions about the TRIRIGA offline email solution

Is there an architecture diagram available on how TRIRIGA interacts with the email server? How is the data extracted from the Excel spreadsheet? How does TRIRIGA handle the data extraction, how is it controlled and what security measures are taken (if any) to validate the email being sent?

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