IV96616: Exporting graphic floor map to PDF hangs on Xref layer 0

We can’t export the graphic floor map to PDF from TRIRIGA. The system is “hanging” and not exporting. This is only happening with some drawings and only occurs when using Layer 0 from the Xref file ( xrefdwg | 0 ). If all other layers are off and a layer zero from any Xref is displayed on the graphics section, even if empty, the export will fail to complete.

The export graphic was throwing a malformed XML exception. The root cause was that there was a “1 = 1” element that got pulled in from the layout of an attached Xref onto layer 0 on that Xref. It turns out that, for any text element that contains any equals sign, the process of sending the SVG from the client to server using a Dojo API to post via a hidden input element, resulted in extra double quotes getting sent, and causing the SVG XML to be malformed.

We resolved this by pre-processing the SVG sent to the server to remove these extra double quotes, before sending it to the SVG converter. Moving forward, the export graphic will now successfully export a graphics section that includes text that contains any equals sign. Text that contains both double quotes and equals in it, will get the double quotes removed for technical reasons.

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Why doesn’t the calendar picker work for dates past 31 Dec 2038?

When you try to use a calendar picker and the date is past 31 Dec 2038, that date is not available. It’s not possible to pick the date. The calendar picker browsing stops in December 2038.

The Dojo library timezone.js has 2038 as the maximum date. This affects any TRIRIGA environment up to The workaround is to manually enter the date, following the correct format, taking into consideration the localization. The fix is available in Fix Pack 2 for 3.4.2, which is available in Fix Central.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.07.15 post about APAR IV75813 where you cannot select dates past 31-Dec-2038 with the calendar picker.]

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IV75813: Cannot select dates past 31-Dec-2038 with calendar picker

The TRIRIGA calendar picker does not handle dates past 31-Dec-2038 properly. If you enter a date after 31-Dec-2038 and click the calendar picker, no calendar widget displays. A small blue box appears below the date field instead. If you click a date after 31-Dec-2038 in the calendar widget, nothing happens. This problem can be seen throughout TRIRIGA wherever there is a calendar picker. The client noticed it, for example, with the expiration date of a lease and employee records.

The Dojo library timezone.js has 2038 as the maximum date that they “care about”. As a temporary fix, enter a date beyond 31-Dec-2038 by typing it into the field, not with the calendar date picker.

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What is TRIRIGA code name Shift?

Back in March 2015, Amandeep Gill, Vice President at Tango Management Consulting (TMC), blogged about his knowledge-building experience at IBM InterConnect 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In “Building Connections at IBM InterConnect“, he wrote:

IBM TRIRIGA also shared their product roadmap and we learned what we can expect to see in the coming year. Of particular interest is TRIRIGA Shift, which will change the look and the tools available in the solution to reflect a more modern web-based platform. The first iteration of Shift will be out in Q4 of this year. Stay tuned for future blog posts that take a deeper dive in some of these technology innovations.

But as Q4 approaches, what are these “technology innovations”? Are they based on something like the jQuery 1.x Library? Or the Dojo Toolkit 1.10? Or the Polymer 1.0 Library? Some combination? Or something entirely new?

Later in May 2015, Jay Manaloto, Information Developer at IBM TRIRIGA, explored the Polymer approach, its responsive design, and especially its possible impact on the delivery of future IBM TRIRIGA documentation. However, he didn’t describe any connection to “TRIRIGA Shift”. In “Pouring Polymer onto TRIRIGA docs“, he wrote:

After being exposed to my first Polymer demo, I began to dive deeper into the Polymer approach, including Google presentations by Matt McNulty, Eric Bidelman, and Rob Dodson (my favorite video). I’m now convinced that there’s no reason why IBM TRIRIGA can’t achieve “a tight integration between the application and documentation” that’s even more natural and powerful than IBM Bluemix Docs… When will we get to see a Polymer-flavored IBM TRIRIGA application with integrated documentation? Well, that’s difficult to say. But it’s nice to dream of the possibilities.

With all of these names being tossed around — Shift, jQuery, Dojo, Polymer — where does the true TRIRIGA path lie? Will the TRIMAX 2015 user group conference reveal another roadmap in October? Until then, feel free to visit the effect-based jQuery 1.x Library, the widget-based Dojo Toolkit 1.10, and the element-based Polymer 1.0 Library for a taste of the innovative possibilities.

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[Admin: This post appeared first on TRIRIGAFEEDIA. This post is related to the 12.11.15 post about the UX Framework. “Shift” was renamed “UX Framework” on the platform side, while “Perceptive” refers to TRIRIGA-built UX apps on the application side.]