Wipro to launch 5G edge services suite built with IBM TRIRIGA

Wipro will launch 5G edge services solutions suite built with IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Edge Application Manager

Wipro Limited announced on Thursday it will launch its 5G edge services solutions suite which is built with IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Edge Application Manager. Wipro will engage with clients to implement the Universal Edge solutions suite that leverages 5G network capabilities, the Bengaluru-headquartered company said…

The 5G edge services solutions suite is designed to significantly enhance Wipro’s existing BoundaryLess Enterprise Universal Edge portfolio… A key module of the solution, primarily for the telecom ecosystem, provides a complete application suite to enable a secured gig economy around 5G-related services, the statement added.

Wipro is joining the IBM Edge Ecosystem, an initiative to help partners implement open standards-based cloud native solutions that can be deployed and autonomously manage edge applications at large scale.

Wipro’s solutions combined with IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Edge Application Manager is expected to address a range of concerns related to deploying and managing globally distributed services on devices, private edges and telecom operator’s Multi Access Edges, it added.

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IV96057: Microsoft Edge browser is causing an inner frames defect

This is related to the latest update that Microsoft applied to Edge V38. After some interactions, the frames within the window fail to load, or to load data inside of them, giving a blank view with nothing in it. This is reported against Reserve, Reports, and other applications within TRIRIGA.

There is a bug in Microsoft Edge where a call to a HTML element’s innerText returns a blank, instead of returning the HTML’s element. Moving forward, an issue in Microsoft Edge that causes a form to disappear when clicking the Clear button on a date field has been resolved.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.07.16 post about TRIRIGA compatibility with browsers.]

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What is the IBM TRIRIGA compatibility with Apple iPads?

I’m not sure if the supported OS list includes iOS officially. With the advent of iPad Pro devices, the line between iPhone-like devices and computers gets further blurred. After all, an iPad Pro begins to feel a lot like a MacBook Air. There is support for Safari on a computer as well, and generally the move is to become device-agnostic.

But I need to put forth some guidance about iPad Pro devices and TRIRIGA. My initial observation is that some basic functions don’t work correctly, perhaps HTML5 related? For example, rendering the portal. The page starts loading correctly, then the screen jiggers a bit and seems to stabilize, but scroll bars never appear and the user cannot move up or down. I’ve tested in both Safari and Chrome.

Official support of IBM TRIRIGA on iPad is limited to the IBM TRIRIGA UX Framework and Perceptive Applications. Traditional TRIRIGA, portal, and non-UX applications are only supported on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems when running Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or IE11. Although a lot of non-UX TRIRIGA will load on an iPad, you will run into some limitations as you have noted above…

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IV90450: Font in Print Preview and printed hardcopy is too small

If a record’s “Print” button is clicked, the font present in the record’s “Print Preview” and printed hardcopy is too small to be legible. This problem was seen once we upgraded to TRIRIGA and has been seen with multiple browsers (e.g. Edge, IE11, Chrome).

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.08.16 post about the text being very small when using the Print link, and the 12.10.15 post about printing forms that can result in printed scroll bars.]

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Why aren’t floor labels rendered when exporting to PDF in IE?

We recently upgraded to TRIRIGA Platform But Internet Explorer has an issue with some of the floor graphics, where the export to PDF is not showing the labels. Meanwhile, the export to PDF for the same floor is showing the labels in the Chrome browser with no issues.

This is a known issue and has been reported to Microsoft. It is a limitation with Internet Explorer (and Edge). The bug has been reported here. Text elements with x,y attributes 214749 or over resolve at -214748.3648. We cannot do anything to fix it on our end, but there are some workarounds:

  • (a) Use another browser to export.
  • (b) Move the drawings closer to the origin and republish it. The text elements need to be inside of +/- 214749 to avoid this issue.

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Where is the latest on IBM TRIRIGA compatibility with browsers?

As of 04.07.16, here are the TRIRIGA “Desktop Client Compatibility” requirements for the following desktop browsers. See the wiki page for the latest requirements.

Third Party Browser Supported Version Notes
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 See the same note below.
Microsoft Edge 20 See the same note below.
Mozilla Firefox ESR 38.4 See the same note below.
Apple Safari 9.0.1 See the same note below.
Google Chrome 47 See the same note below.
These versions are the minimum versions that are supported for each browser. IBM TRIRIGA will support future versions of a vendor’s browsers if the vendor does not remove, or explicitly or inadvertently disable, functionality that IBM TRIRIGA products rely on. Although future versions are supported, any issue that is introduced as a result of a browser upgrade might require an IBM TRIRIGA Platform fix pack or IBM TRIRIGA Platform upgrade to be fully supported.

Edge and Chrome do not support the NPAPI plugin, which prevents Applets from loading. This prevents the Gantt, Availability, and Stacking sections from rendering in IBM TRIRIGA applications.

[Unlike classic IBM TRIRIGA applications,] Perceptive Applications require the support of modern web specifications to function optimally. Only evergreen browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari) are supported when using Perceptive Applications or creating custom Views in UX Framework. Internet Explorer 11 [IE11] is not supported.

[Admin: This post is related to the 11.14.14 post about the latest compatibility matrix (updated 12.11.15).]

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USGBC: Green buildings as a keystone of low-carbon economy

From: U.S. Green Building Council Perspective: High-Performance Green Buildings as a Keystone of a Low-Carbon Economy, FacilitiesNet

During the first-ever COP Buildings Day… The U.S. Green Building Council announced it will commit to scaling green buildings and energy efficiency in buildings to more than 5 billion square feet (478 million square meters) over the next five years through the LEED green building rating system, as well as supporting adoption of EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies, a fast, easy-to-use certification system) as a key tool for energy efficiency in developing countries…

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IV80030: Drop-down functionality does not always function in IE11

When a list field has an OnChange workflow associated with it, a user can pick a value from the list, but they must click on another field and then back to the drop-down arrow to be able to change the selected value. This has been replicated on 10.5/3.5 on support00…

As a temporary fix, click on some other field other than the field with the drop-down box, then click on the drop-down box. This causes the user to have to perform additional form navigation that is NOT required in other browsers. The issue was resolved where selecting a value on a list field, with an OnChange workflow associated with it, would make the drop-down button unresponsive until the user clicked elsewhere in the form. This happened in the IE11 and Edge browsers.

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IV79197: Labels not displayed in graphics exported to PDF or PNG

On some drawings, when users export the image to PDF from the Floor > Graphics tab, all or some of the labels are not shown in the PDF. The drawing is fine in CAD, and the Graphic section is fine. But the issue is only seen when exporting to PDF or PNG. The issue happens only with some drawings, and happens only with IE. It works fine with Firefox and Chrome.

As a temporary fix, use an alternate browser. This is a limitation with Internet Explorer (and Edge). A bug has been reported here. We cannot do anything to fix it on our end, but there are some workarounds: (a) use another browser to export, and (b) move the drawings closer to the origin coordinates and republish it. The text elements need to be inside of +/- 214749 to avoid this issue.

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