Is there a way to set up the Reserve SMTP Agent for Secure SMTP?

For inbound SMTP messages to the TRIRIGA “ReserveSMTPAgent”, is there any way to configure it for Secure SMTP (SMTPS)? I know the port can change, but can the agent use the SMTPS protocol instead of SMTP, just by changing the port? You have clients using IBM TRIRIGA in the IBM Cloud and they cannot implement your Reservation Management product because of this major gap in the product.

The Reserve SMTP agent does not currently support encrypted TLS communication. Please create a request for enhancement (RFE) to request that capability be added to the Reserve SMTP Agent.

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Is there a way to default a system filter or user filter with a value?

Is there a way to default a system filter or user filter with a specific value? So, if the user clicks on the button, that value runs the query? Then, the user has the option to remove the default value in the filter, which would display all the records. My other option is to create Related Reports with each specific default system filter.

No. We could potentially pre-populate the default filter values on the initial report, but I am not sure it would be best for usability to ask the user to delete these values in order to query for “all” records. Unless most of the time, the user would want to run with the default filters. Actually, it might be an interesting RFE. Maybe as an alternative to the prompt before query? Feel free to request the RFE here.

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Is there a way to set Admin Console access without TRIRIGA access?

Some of our Admin users need access to the Admin Console to monitor different parameters from there. On the other hand, they must not login to TRIRIGA (or access direct URLs) with business data with Admin access. Is there a way to do this?

Currently, a user must be part of the Admin Group to access the Admin Console page. Please create a request for enhancement (RFE) with business justification and it will be reviewed by the TRIRIGA team.

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What is the difference between Total Rent Present Value and NPV?

In the TRIRIGA 10.4.1 Lease > Accounting tab > Schedule Summary section, there is the “Total Rent Present Value” field. In 10.5.2, that field is no longer there, but there is the “Current NPV of Rent” field. What is the difference between the two? Why are they different?

I can’t reply to the specific changes, but since 10.4.1 was released in 2014 and 10.5.2 was released in late 2016, there were scenario enhancements and more scenarios covered in TRIRIGA for Lease Accounting in the releases in between. The Lease Accounting wiki has information about the changes in these releases and might be helpful for questions similar to this (i.e., what is the difference between releases)…

Looks like the difference between present value (PV) and net present value (NPV) is the “net”. The latter “net” basically accounts for the initial capital/investment. As for “why” the change, I’m not sure, but it might be a more useful or accurate value for newer lease calculations/standards…

Both represent the Net Present Value (NPV) for the Operating/Finance schedule. The field from 10.4.1 and 10.5.2 is the same, but the label has changed in 10.5.2. In 10.4.1, it represented the Net Present Value at the time of lease activation and was not updated even if there were review assumptions performed. In 10.5.2, after the new accounting standard finalized, the current NPV now represents the NPV (liability as it is known) either at the time of first activation of the lease, OR after any recalculations might have impacted it due to performing the review assumptions. For example, at the start, it might be $30,000 and 1 year later, the NPV changed to $21,000, due to review assumptions that represent the “current” values at that point. By comparison, in 10.4.1, it would always show as $30,000.

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Is there a way to refresh exported IBM Watson Analytics data in 3.5.2?

Is there a way to re-export an IBM Watson Analytics dataset and have it refresh rather than create new data? I haven’t refined the data in Watson, just testing after doing a TRIRIGA 3.5.2 upgrade. I exported a dataset from TRIRIGA, waited a day, exported again, and it shows as a second item in Watson.

This is an issue, because there are now discovery sets apparently pointing to the first data import, so the new data isn’t showing up. I don’t see a way to re-point the discovery set, and would prefer to not recreate after going into the new data. Am I overlooking something?

Unfortunately, there is no way for the TRIRIGA Connector for Watson Analytics to refresh or append to an existing dataset, because that capability was not available in the Watson Analytics API when we were developing the TRIRIGA Connector. It’s a good RFE candidate once supported by Watson Analytics and I encourage you to submit a request for enhancement (RFE) under “IBM TRIRIGA Platform”. Also, a good source of information is the Watson Analytics forum.

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UX: How do you access smart section fields on triPeopleLink BO?

We have a smart section listing the user permissions on a BO in the classic forms view that we need to access from the UX framework. I saw some posts about smart section BOs in the beta Slack channel from late August last year.

But I cannot get it to work with the suggested method, since the field I am looking for is in the triPeopleLink BO (triPeople module), yet the association to the record is to the triPeople BO (triPeople module). Does anyone have an idea on how to access this smart section data located in the triPeopleLink BO?

The UX Framework does not provide the functionality to achieve that yet. You can open a request for enhancement (RFE) for that functionality.

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.30.16 post about using smart sections to open records in UX.]

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