How does University of California ensure buildings are performing?

How does the University of California plan to manage their property assets across 10 campuses? By implementing an impressive new program called ICAMP – the Integrated Capital Asset Management Program. We caught up with Rich Powers, of the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) to find out how ICAMP enables visibility and integration across campus systems, and promotes efficient asset lifecycle management, too…

Defining the key elements of ICAMP

The ICAMP solution contains three solutions, all of which come together to support better decision-making:

  •       IBM TRIRIGA Cloud
  •       RSMeans
  •       FieldFLEX Mobile.

UCOP chose the TRIRIGA platform to bring together all of their asset data into one integrated system. TRIRIGA lets you create a building inventory and location hierarchy. It has the capabilities required to manage those buildings throughout their lifecycle. Crucially, it supports facility condition assessment, or FCA. This is how they access every building component, from floor to ceiling, for health and performance. By using TRIRIGA, Rich’s team can overlay their building inventory with the FCA data to see which assets are most at risk, or in need of maintenance.

By combining this information with industry data from RSMeans, the team is able to estimate potential repair costs, then kick off opportunities from within TRIRIGA. UCOP also built a mobile FCA application with FieldFLEX Mobile that makes TRIRIGA available to technicians in the field. This carries the advantage of a streamlined inspection and assessment process. It allows architectural, electrical, and mechanical inspectors to look at their respective inventory elements and access asset data with ease. The application supports storing floor plans, uploading photos and videos, geo-tagging buildings and assets, and cross-referencing lifecycle data to help inspectors make better real-time assessments across the portfolio…

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FieldFLEX releases their latest mobility application for FCA

FieldFLEX, the leading developer of mobile enterprise software for corporate real estate and workplace management, announced they will be releasing a premier mobile application designed specifically for facilities engineers and inspectors to gather asset data, perform asset condition audits, and estimate repair and replacement costs. The mobile app will allow organizations to rapidly collect and establish accurate asset records, support sustainable funding models, make critical decisions in a shorter time, and feed data directly into the capital planning and operational process…

The FieldFLEX FCA application is fully integrated with the FieldFLEX mobile platform and offers organizations a flexible, highly-scalable, IoT-enabled mobile solution that provides opportunities to reduce costs and risks. The FieldFLEX mobile platform builds a culture of engagement by connecting mobile employees with their workplace for real-time interaction. The suite of mobile enterprise productivity apps includes asset tracking and logistics, and field operations such as inspections, facility assessments and surveys. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, FieldFLEX apps seamlessly integrate with the enterprise IWMS.

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FieldFLEX: What are the benefits of mobile space management?

There have been some interesting articles lately focusing on how the typical office is transforming with titles like “Eliminating the Need” to “No Desk of Your Own”. But the office isn’t disappearing, it’s just changing. Modernization is happening through mobility – employees want flexibility in how and where they work, and organizations that embrace this are finding that mobility, as a means to engage their employees, is a success driver.

However, with the changing work patterns, the average office is empty or goes unused 55% of the time, according to Regus research and studies show employees are not at their desk 50-60% of the time. Furthermore, 2/3 of people want to work from home and 80% of teleworkers consider it a perk. So, how can you maximize use of your company’s office space and at the same time keep employees connected and engaged?

The first step is to get a read on the current “true” space utilization in your portfolio. Up to 70% of companies have an inconsistent approach to space planning and management with limited access to accurate data. This knowledge is essential to establish space performance targets and ultimately reduce the cost of unused office space. By thinking of office space as a resource and developing a shared system, businesses can meet cost management and sustainability goals.

With the FieldFLEX Mobile Space Manager app, you can capture and analyze vital workspace utilization data constantly with continuous access to accurate, timely information which will allow you to reduce average area per employee through space optimization and new planning standards…

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FieldFLEX: Is your enterprise ready for mobile?

How do you determine what is the best mobile solution for your enterprise that will enable users to get the data and functionality they need? What software will integrate smoothly, assimilate large amounts of data, comply with your security requirements, give the end users an engaged experience, and ultimately make your business more effective and efficient?

Here are the answers to the top questions asked at the FieldFLEX booth during the recent IBM InterConnect 2017 conference.

What is the security level with the FieldFLEX mobile app?

At the device level, all data is encrypted for transport to and from the server over SSL. Any data stored on the mobile device resides in an encrypted mobile database. The FieldFLEX server stores no data. User access is controlled by username and password authentication or through mobile device management platform…

What back-end systems does FieldFLEX integrate with?

Our mobile platform integrates with IBM TRIRIGA, Maximo, and a variety of other products. It is the single mobile solution for corporate real estate, condition assessment, facilities management, operations, lease and capital projects…

How are drawings published?

Mobile drawings can be published directly from your AutoCAD or Revit floor plans. Customers can choose published content which offers layering visibility control. FieldFLEX drawing publisher reduces the CAD file size by up to 90% to improve download speed and performance in the mobile apps…

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UX: Does TRIRIGA UX Framework have offline capabilities?

I’m starting to look at mobile options for TRIRIGA. I’ve heard of FieldFlex, but I am on a tight budget. One of our requirements is offline capabilities when the field technicians are in non-wifi or cellphone connection. Does TRIRIGA UX have offline capabilities? If not, what are the other options?

Offline capability in web applications is not specifically enabled by UX Framework, but more importantly, it should not be limited by nor dependent on UX Framework. Offline request handling, caching, etc., for web applications is enabled by the Service Worker W3C specification. Google Polymer, which UX Framework utilizes, does have some tools to help enable this. You’ll find a number of pages and videos on how to work with this, such as this Google video: Go Offline.

Unfortunately, browser support for the spec is still not holistic yet, with Chrome being the best option at the momentSo, you should be able to build out an app that handles offline scenarios which works in tandem with our framework, but may be limited in browser support per the above link. We would be happy to hear any feedback you have as you work through this, and any way in which you think we could make the process easier with additional tooling in our framework. This is something on our roadmap to investigate once browser support for the spec is more in line with all the browsers we support as a product.

[Admin: Starting in TRIRIGA 10.6.0, the UX Framework offers offline mode with the UX Work Task app.]

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FieldFLEX enters agreement with IBM to deliver mobile for TRIRIGA

FieldFLEX Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into a Software Remarketing Agreement with IBM to offer the FieldFLEX Mobile Platform for IBM TRIRIGA to their customer base.

Steve Lisle, VP Marketing & Business Development: “This agreement represents an important step for FieldFLEX to expand our global footprint. We are very excited to work closely with IBM to offer our mobile platform for TRIRIGA.” Details of the agreement can be viewed here. Customers interested in learning more about the FieldFLEX Mobile platform can email or contact their IBM or IBM Partner representatives.

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FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA® applications bring the power of IBM TRIRIGA IWMS to mobile devices

FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA applications bring the power of IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management processes, such as work task management, facility assessment, space management, workplace reservations, and asset management, to mobile users. FieldFLEX applications enable users to access and update critical TRIRIGA information in online and offline modes.

  • FieldFLEX Mobile Maintenance Services enables field technicians to manage TRIRIGA work task assignments for maintenance activities directly from their mobile devices…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Space Manager enables facility space managers to manage and audit space, allocation, occupancy, and asset information from a mobile device…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Inspections provides facility managers with a flexible framework to set up and conduct inspections in order to help maintain compliance with operational, safety, and other regulations…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Self-Service, which includes Service Requests, Reservations, and Maps components, brings the power of TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management to the mobile devices of the corporate user community…
  • FieldFLEX Kiosk brings the capabilities of FieldFLEX Maps to fixed-position kiosks to enable users to reserve space or meetings rooms on the spot…


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FieldFLEX Mobile team at IBM InterConnect 2016

Join the FieldFLEX Mobile team at IBM InterConnect 2016. Internet of Things (IoT) Zone, Booth 932. February 21-25, 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS

FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS provides integrated mobile applications for IBM TRIRIGA and ARCHIBUS that have been designed and optimized specifically for field-based personnel in Facilities Operations and Corporate Real Estate Management. Built to use the popular iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices, FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS offers significant functionality enhancements to streamline your facilities, maintenance and real estate business.

About FieldFLEX

FieldFLEX is a leading developer of mobile enterprise applications for corporate real estate and workplace management organizations with a full suite of mobile enterprise productivity applications including employee self-service, graphical wayfinding, asset tracking and logistics, and field operations such as work order management, workplace inspections, facility assessments, and surveys.

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FieldFLEX Mobile Inspection Framework

FieldFLEX Inc. today announced the release of their new Mobile Inspection Framework. The latest point release of the FieldFLEX platform, version 9.5, includes a major update to the 9.4 Inspections Framework. Mobile Inspections, formerly called Workplace Inspections has a revamped UI with new admin controls making it easier for administrators to design, schedule and dispatch inspection activities. Additionally, the Inspection Framework has integration points with the other FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS applications making it easy to combine inspections with maintenance or space management activities.

David Fedy, FieldFLEX President: “The newest Inspection Framework is a powerful core component of our platform. The app provides the underpinning to any conceivable field-based survey or inspection activity. Inspections, checklists and surveys are merely limited by imagination.” Steve Lisle, VP Marketing & Business Development says: “New use cases for our Mobile Inspection app are relayed to us daily, anywhere from facility inspections, to project punchlists to satisfaction surveys and everything between.”

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Integrating TRIRIGA Reserve with Android mobile devices

Does anyone know if there is any preferred solution or some sort of standard software that already works with TRIRIGA Reservation module and that you can use with a standard tablet? As you know, IBM TRIRIGA Anywhere mobile app is only enabled to access Workplace Operations module. I would prefer a 3rd party software solution that comes complete with installation hardware, etc…

The client prefers to use Android-based tablets. Some basic requirements for the room-booking system are:

  • Ability to check into and out of a meeting
  • Ability to use the display to book a follow on meeting
  • Display whether the room is engaged
  • Display the booked and open time for the room

Tracy Jefferson: Check out We’re doing some work with them.

Paul Harding: I would also recommend looking up TANGARA product… Exxon Mobil is using their product.

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ValuD: Increase TRIRIGA ROI with mobile

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Webinar: Wednesday, April 15th 2:00pm – 3:00pm CDT 

In this brief but informative session, we will share best practices for how to increase the ROI for your TRIRIGA software through the use of mobile technology. This session will cover:

  • How to determine if a business process is a good candidate for mobile enablement
  • Mobile-enablement options for TRIRIGA
  • Best practices for rolling out mobile-enabled TRIRIGA solutions

ValuD is proud to partner with FieldFLEX, a leading mobile solution provider, for this informative webinar on Best Practices for TRIRIGA Mobile Enablement. Join us as we dive in to the mobile side of IWMS and explore how to leverage these services to get the most out of your facilities and real estate management.

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