Why does the Esri GIS map initially display at the lowest zoom level?

I have configured Esri connector in our TRIRIGA instance using the following URL:

/html/en/default/rest/EsriJS?map=Default – Location – Associated to Current Record&level=5

We have found that the GIS map initially displays but at the lowest zoom level. Essentially, the map is not responding to the Level parameter. Does anyone have any experience with this?

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.04.15 post about GIS documentation, and the 01.21.15 post about GIS functionality.]

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IV92395: Esri errors related to snapshot in upgrade to 3.5.2

When upgrading to TRIRIGA 3.5.2, an error related to importing EsriJS system objects may appear in the server.log:

2016-12-21 15:05:39,826 INFO
[com.tririga.util.startup.upgrade.systemobject.EsriJSOMUpgrade](server.startup : 1) Unable to import EsriJS System Objects, required application dependencies are most likely missing...

If this happens, the following error may appear in the ObjectMigration.log as well:

2016-12-21 15:05:39,825 ERROR [com.tririga.platform.om.service.AbstractOMObjectImportService] [\TRIRIGA GIS Widget View Mode] group 1) Group Import failed - com.tririga.platform.versioning.recorddata.RecordDataVersioningException: Snapshot is not enabled for the Business Object Group, in the Module Group...

This problem appears to be the result of the 3.5.2 upgrade script, that enables snapshot functionality on the Group business object, running after the upgrade script that loads EsriJS components, during the initial 3.5.2 app server startup. The EsriJS upgrade has a Group that it is trying to import, and this is causing Group snapshot functionality to fail, since the necessary snapshot changes have not yet been applied to the Group business object.

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Tango Strategic Store Lifecycle Management selected by HearUSA

HearUSA, the recognized leader in hearing care, has selected Tango’s Strategic Store Lifecycle Management Solution to support plans to explore new market opportunities and develop strategies for the United States and international markets, as well as support their future growth across the entire real estate and store development lifecycle. HearUSA purchased Tango’s Predictive Analytics, Market Planning & Site Selection, and Geospatial Location Platform products…

Tango’s Total Solution is unique in an industry that typically offers software that only addresses a portion of the real estate lifecycle. By bringing together Predictive Analytics, Retail GIS and Store Development Execution in a single, seamless offering, Tango helps organizations like HearUSA avoid the information silos that inevitably occur with disjointed solutions which often result in decisions being made with inaccurate and incomplete information. Tango enables retailers to make informed decisions, drawing on critical data from all areas of the lifecycle…

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Getting a GIS map error after upgrade to and 10.4.2

I have upgraded to TRIRIGA platform and application 10.4.2. When I try to use GIS, the map does not display and there is an error in the server.log as follows:

2016-05-24 15:02:18,596 WARN [com.tririga.web.servlet.GetCompanyFileServlet](Default Executor-thread-169) Cannot handle request for file. Parameters: fileLoc='null' fileName='null'[MID-2966854123]
2016-05-24 15:25:17,739 WARN [com.tririga.platform.error.ErrorHandler](HeartbeatThread) Session 0YsUSk82_1IJcM0xpzS0t8P already Invalidated[MID-1288055717]
2016-05-24 16:43:26,169 WARN [com.tririga.web.servlet.GetCompanyFileServlet](Default Executor-thread-60) Cannot handle request for file. Parameters: fileLoc='null' fileName='null'[MID-2966854123]
2016-05-24 16:44:23,850 ERROR [com.tririga.platform.error.ErrorHandler](Default Executor-thread-169) Report handled exception: com.tririga.platform.error.PlatformRuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.tririga.custom.integration.service.query.TririgaQuery.markLocalized()V[MID-2305429425]...

The integration object should be from Dec 2015, not Apr 2013. Check to see if there is an integration object record that is named IGNORE_UPGRADE. If so, the integration object will not be updated, and it could explain the error above (java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.tririga.custom.integration.service.query .TririgaQuery.markLocalized).

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Getting a mixed security content error with Esri ArcGIS

Recently came across issues with Internet Explorer warnings stating “Only secure content is displayed” and kept having to click on “Show all Content” when going to certain pages. Chrome displayed a similar warning. Pulling it up with F12 to debug shows that there are calls from TRIRIGA/Esri ArcGIS functionality to hard-coded HTTP sites. This showed up in a couple Resource Files in ClassLoader and changing the links to HTTPS resolved the issue. This was in addition to the standard TRIRIGA GIS Map and Integration Object configuration…

If you’re experiencing this outside this particular set of files, here is a reference link (http://dev.modern.ie/platform/documentation/f12-devtools-guide/) to Microsoft F12 developer tools which is helpful to find where the issue is coming from. Before making any changes, always verify there’s not a TRIRIGA configuration change required that could resolve the issue and also verify the referenced URL is actually available with HTTPS.

There were 2 resource files that needed to be modified within TRIRIGA…

  • 1. EsriJS_arcgis.js – There are 2 single lines of JavaScript and some comments in this file. One of the JavaScript lines is about 750,000 characters long, so do a find on “http:” and replace with “https:”.
  • 2. ESRI_Assets.zip > indexOnline.htm – The indexOnline.htm file in the environment had 3 links to static resources through HTTP. Switch “http:” to “https:” for these also. Checked another environment with a newer build and there were only 2 CSS files with HTTP links in this file. So this could vary…

Additional changes…

  • 1. Base Maps – Make sure these are pointed to HTTPS instead of the default HTTP.
  • 2. Integration Object – Change the GIS Integration Object records to use HTTPS instead of the default HTTP…

[Admin: The same question is also posted in the triDeveloper Google group. This post is related to the 06.18.15 post about GIS mixed content messages.]

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How do you stop TRIRIGA GIS mixed content messages?

Our TRIRIGA server is configured to use SSL. Whenever one of my users accesses the GIS tab on a location record or refreshes their home page that has the GIS portal loaded, a mixed content message appears. Is there any way to make these mixed content messages stop occurring? We are using an external GIS Server.

Your TRIRIGA system is HTTPS but it is trying to access the GIS servers through HTTP. Your browser is blocking it, thus the mixed content messages. Set ArcGIS in your TRIRIGA environment up to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, as follows…

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IV70350: GIS widgets are not being loaded into JavaScript

GIS Widgets attached to GIS Map records were not being loaded in the JavaScript when the map loads. The issue was that previously EsriJS was using a hook in GetDocServlet that bypassed user permissions when loading the widget JavaScript. In 3.4.1, that hook was shored up due to it being a security vulnerability. This fix now passes in the GIS module ID, and Widget GUI ID, when calling GetDocServlet to retrieve the widget JavaScript. In order for the widget to load at runtime, users must have at least read only access to the triGISWidget form.

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