UX: Has anyone used Git or GitHub as replacement for WebViewSync?

I am trying to find information on how to use Git (possibly GitHub), instead of WebViewSync, in order to collaborate more efficiently. Has someone done this and could provide some documentation on this?

[Admin: This post is related to the 09.20.16 post about multiple developers using WebViewSync. To see other related posts, use the WebViewSync tag.]

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UX: What is the best practice for adding other Polymer elements?

On page 16 of the Implementing UX document, it states that it is possible to include existing Polymer components to further enhance capabilities. Is there a best practice or recommended method for adding existing Polymer elements to a TRIRIGA Perceptive app? For local projects, I have been using bower install –save

As it stands for UX projects, I am downloading the Polymer component from Git and copying/pasting the directory into my TRIRIGA view. Is this recommended?

We’re looking at strategies for allowing users to upgrade Polymer between TRIRIGA releases. Until we have something for allowing that, I think adding it to your view files is the best practice.

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