Which HTML tags and attributes can be used for outgoing mail?

What HTML tags and attributes that can be used for outgoing mail messages and notifications from IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform?

The following lists cite the HTML tags and attributes that can be used for outgoing mail messages and notifications.

  • HTML tags that can be used for outgoing email: html, head, title, body, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, br, hr, pre, em, strong, code, b, i, a, ul, li, ol, dl, dd, dt, table, tr, td, thead, tbody, th, input, form, select, option, textarea, blockquote, div, span, label, style, img
  • Within the HTML tags, the following attributes are allowed: id, class, src, value, href, alt, width, colspan, rowspan, readonly, style, type, align, nowrap, height, valign, cellspacing, cellpadding, checked, selected

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UX: How do you put a conditional check in TRIRIGA UX view?

I am new to the IBM TRIRIGA UX framework. My requirement is: “If a user contains a profile image, then display the uploaded image, or else, display the default image.” How can I put this conditional check inside the view.html page?

This doesn’t have an “else” condition, therefore just inverse your condition in another “dom-if”.

<template is=”dom-if” if=”{{condition()}}”>displayed when condition() is true


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IV96646: Incorrect triCreatedSY in HTML attached to notification

When a notification is sent that contains an HTML document with the triCreatedSY (Created) and triModifiedSY (Modified) fields, the date values being shown are the same value, even when the record was modified well after it was created.

A parsing error was occurring when converting the String value into the Long value. Moving forward, we resolved an issue to display the correct values for the triModifiedSY and triCreatedSY fields in the email notification message.

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How do you export a BIRT 4.5.0 report to SpudSoft Excel format?

I am designing a BIRT 4.5.0 report which has some images in it. While trying to export the report with the SpudSoft Excel Emitter, it results in an HTML page. My requirement is to export it into a multiple-sheet workbook. That’s why I went with SpudSoft. Any suggestions on how to get the Excel format via the SpudSoft option?

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IV96454: Notification images do not show due to removed HTML tags

When a notification sends HTML code in an email, the images are not displayed because the platform is stripping away the HTML tags for images.

We needed to add the tag to the list of HTML tags allowed in outgoing emails. When the platform sent outgoing mail, some HTML tags were stripped from the message. Moving forward, the tag is no longer one that is removed, so that you can send messages with images.

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IV96057: Microsoft Edge browser is causing an inner frames defect

This is related to the latest update that Microsoft applied to Edge V38. After some interactions, the frames within the window fail to load, or to load data inside of them, giving a blank view with nothing in it. This is reported against Reserve, Reports, and other applications within TRIRIGA.

There is a bug in Microsoft Edge where a call to a HTML element’s innerText returns a blank, instead of returning the HTML’s element. Moving forward, an issue in Microsoft Edge that causes a form to disappear when clicking the Clear button on a date field has been resolved.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.07.16 post about TRIRIGA compatibility with browsers.]

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