Wipro launches Digital Inspection Solution powered by IBM TRIRIGA

Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, today announced the launch of its Digital Inspection Solution for improved workplace safety and experience. Powered by IBM’s integrated workplace management system (IWMS) IBM® TRIRIGA®, the solution complements Wipro’s existing EngineeringNXT portfolio in the digital transformation of business operations.

The solution’s robust functionality featuring a simple end-user application can manage and complete any type of inspection across mobile phones and tablets with ease. It enables safety and compliance inspections for customers across a wide variety of industries such as retail, construction, hospitality, financial services, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Furthermore, the solution helps streamline non-compliance issues in processes, operations and quality. It increases inspection efficiency, reduces risk, lowers costs and increases workplace safety. The environment, health, and safety (EHS) market can leverage this solution to inspect workplace infrastructure and protect the well-being of workers…

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FieldFLEX releases their latest mobility application for FCA

FieldFLEX, the leading developer of mobile enterprise software for corporate real estate and workplace management, announced they will be releasing a premier mobile application designed specifically for facilities engineers and inspectors to gather asset data, perform asset condition audits, and estimate repair and replacement costs. The mobile app will allow organizations to rapidly collect and establish accurate asset records, support sustainable funding models, make critical decisions in a shorter time, and feed data directly into the capital planning and operational process…

The FieldFLEX FCA application is fully integrated with the FieldFLEX mobile platform and offers organizations a flexible, highly-scalable, IoT-enabled mobile solution that provides opportunities to reduce costs and risks. The FieldFLEX mobile platform builds a culture of engagement by connecting mobile employees with their workplace for real-time interaction. The suite of mobile enterprise productivity apps includes asset tracking and logistics, and field operations such as inspections, facility assessments and surveys. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, FieldFLEX apps seamlessly integrate with the enterprise IWMS.

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How do you manage document expiration in IBM TRIRIGA?

I would like to know if TRIRIGA can manage document expiration, such as building registrations, fire regulations, or other documents that are related to specific due dates. I saw the “Location” (Building, Land) object > Assessment tab, but it seems that the “Regulatory” object can only manage inspection and opportunities for the specific location. And it seems the Document Manager only acts as a “repository”. Do you have any information about document expiration?

TRIRIGA OOB has no concept of document expiration, but it could be developed and implemented very easily. You could create a scheduled event, based on an expiration date for each document. When that scheduled event is triggered, a workflow could move the document to an expired state and send a notification.

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What are the best practices for Microsoft SQL Server database?

To address performance-related issues in the installation of the TRIRIGA Application, this article provides suggestions and recommendations for the IBM TRIRIGA MS SQL Server database environment. It also provides monitoring and troubleshooting steps to quickly discover and prevent performance and instability degradation… This article addresses the following key areas:

  • General best practices
  • TRIRIGA-specific recommendations
  • Performance monitoring
  • Problem resolution…

MS SQL Server performance problems can be difficult to pinpoint and require inspection into many aspects of the environment. There is no magic button or specific step-by-step actions to locate every performance issue. Instead, there are guidelines for diagnosing and troubleshooting common performance problems. This article will provide a general methodology for diagnosing and troubleshooting MS SQL Server database instability and performance problems in common scenarios.

Configuration, tuning, and sizing issues for MS SQL Server may lead to various instability and performance issues from the database end. The instructions listed below should be reviewed, confirmed, and applied by the customer’s database administrator whenever necessary… Here are some basic best practices that should be implemented on production MS SQL Server environments…

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UX: How do you populate and save the data source UOM values?

I’ve defined my UX app like this:

  • Data Source Type: UOM
  • Business Object: UOM_values (UOM_values)
  • Module: System
  • UOM Type Name: Currency
  • Legacy Form: UOM_values (UOM_values)
  • Fields: _UOM_Value (Data Type: String)

My HTML code is like this:

<triplat-ds name=”currencyType” data=”{{_currencyType}}”></triplat-ds>
floating-label label=”Units *”

My JavaScript is like this:

_onSaveTap: function() { this.$.generalDs.updateRecord().then(function() { this.$.toast.show(); }.bind(this)); }

Is there anything else required in order to populate and save the values? I want to display all options like a list and be able to save the selected currency. I can already click and display them like a list, but the first value doesn’t show up. If I do an inspect element, I can see my value fine.

If I understand your question, there are two parts to it:

  • 1) Populate UOM values similar to a list using triplat-select-input: This component was not designed to display UOM values. However, you should still be able to populate it from a UOM data source. For further filtering, you can use the filtered-data property and triplat-query-filter on the client.
  • 2) Save UOM value via a UX application: We do not provide the ability to persist or change a UOM value via the application yet. At present, we only support displaying a UOM value through the triplat-uom component.

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FieldFLEX enters agreement with IBM to deliver mobile for TRIRIGA

FieldFLEX Inc. is pleased to announce it has entered into a Software Remarketing Agreement with IBM to offer the FieldFLEX Mobile Platform for IBM TRIRIGA to their customer base.

Steve Lisle, VP Marketing & Business Development: “This agreement represents an important step for FieldFLEX to expand our global footprint. We are very excited to work closely with IBM to offer our mobile platform for TRIRIGA.” Details of the agreement can be viewed here. Customers interested in learning more about the FieldFLEX Mobile platform can email info@fieldflex.ca or contact their IBM or IBM Partner representatives.

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FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA® applications bring the power of IBM TRIRIGA IWMS to mobile devices

FieldFLEX Mobile for TRIRIGA applications bring the power of IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management processes, such as work task management, facility assessment, space management, workplace reservations, and asset management, to mobile users. FieldFLEX applications enable users to access and update critical TRIRIGA information in online and offline modes.

  • FieldFLEX Mobile Maintenance Services enables field technicians to manage TRIRIGA work task assignments for maintenance activities directly from their mobile devices…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Space Manager enables facility space managers to manage and audit space, allocation, occupancy, and asset information from a mobile device…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Inspections provides facility managers with a flexible framework to set up and conduct inspections in order to help maintain compliance with operational, safety, and other regulations…
  • FieldFLEX Mobile Self-Service, which includes Service Requests, Reservations, and Maps components, brings the power of TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management to the mobile devices of the corporate user community…
  • FieldFLEX Kiosk brings the capabilities of FieldFLEX Maps to fixed-position kiosks to enable users to reserve space or meetings rooms on the spot…


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FieldFLEX Mobile Inspection Framework

FieldFLEX Inc. today announced the release of their new Mobile Inspection Framework. The latest point release of the FieldFLEX platform, version 9.5, includes a major update to the 9.4 Inspections Framework. Mobile Inspections, formerly called Workplace Inspections has a revamped UI with new admin controls making it easier for administrators to design, schedule and dispatch inspection activities. Additionally, the Inspection Framework has integration points with the other FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS applications making it easy to combine inspections with maintenance or space management activities.

David Fedy, FieldFLEX President: “The newest Inspection Framework is a powerful core component of our platform. The app provides the underpinning to any conceivable field-based survey or inspection activity. Inspections, checklists and surveys are merely limited by imagination.” Steve Lisle, VP Marketing & Business Development says: “New use cases for our Mobile Inspection app are relayed to us daily, anywhere from facility inspections, to project punchlists to satisfaction surveys and everything between.”

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