Does anyone have experience with scripted installations of TRIRIGA?

We will be scaling up to 70-100 separate TRIRIGA installations, so I would like to do scripted installations to decrease installation time and lower the risk of human error. Does anyone have experience scripting the installation fully or partially under Windows Server OS?

With console-based installations, it is possible to use a scripting language called Expect, an extension of Tcl. With this, you can script installations, and read from different sources (like property files) for the responses to the prompts in the installer.

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How do you install BIRT Designer 4.6.0 with TRIRIGA 3.5.1 and later?

Starting in TRIRIGA 3.5.1, a new BIRT engine was introduced with your TRIRIGA installation. This is BIRT engine version 4.6.0.

To customize or create new reports, as well to convert your old BIRT 4.3.1 reports, you need the same BIRT Designer version. This Designer runs on the Neon Eclipse platform and you can use your current Java 1.8 with it (in older designers, you needed a Java 1.6, 32-bit, to make it work). This new version is optimized for Mac (in older versions, a lot of manual steps were needed). Also, you can have it as an application now. For Windows, it remains a folder in the location of your choice.

Another often-raised topic is about “upgrading from 4.3.1 to 4.6.0”. The fact is you can have both installed in your machine. They are separate installations. The caveat here is that you cannot use the same workspace for 4.6.0, if you already have 4.3.1 installed, so you just need to rename the workspace used for the first time.

So let’s start with what you need…

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.19.16 post about failing to connect with 3.5.1, and the 08.18.16 post about getting an HTTP Error 500.]

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IV90194: Outlook add-in install fails on Program Files folder

If you attempt to install the Reserve Outlook add-in into a folder within C:\Program Files\… the information provided on the command line such as URL is NOT copied into the user’s file. However, if you select any other folder in the computer as an install location, then the details are updated into the file.

The problem with using any other location is that those locations are not trusted by Windows. As such, the application when invoked forces a popup which, due to the expired application signing certificate, is not pretty. This is quite scary and is likely to result in many of the users declining the installation.

Because the files are sent to the users’ computers silently, they will not be aware that the add-in has been deployed into their machine. Any popup around email is worrying, so it is easy to see people taking the Don’t Install option.

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IV89933: TRIRIGA 3.5.1 install not running with WebSphere

The TRIRIGA 3.5.1 compatibility matrix says that WebSphere is supported, but also that “Future fix packs for this version are also supported.” If you run the TRIRIGA 3.5.1 installer with the full version of WebSphere in place, the install works. If you try running with the full version of WebSphere in place, however, the following error occurs:

“WebSphere Problem: WebSphere version is too old. The version of WebSphere that was detected is too old. IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform requires WebSphere version or newer.”

This problem was seen when performing the TRIRIGA 3.5.1 install on Windows. It may exist when running the installer on other operating systems, as well.

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IV89177: Install issues on MS SQL Server with collation settings

TRIRIGA 3.5 installation has issues installing on Microsoft SQL Server when using collation settings “French_BIN” and “Case Sensitive”. The upgrade tasks (script) will fail at the first JVM or server startup with the following message…

YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS,mmm ERROR [com.tririga.util.startup.upgrade.StartupUpgradeManager](SoapConnectorThreadPool : 3) Error executing upgrade
com.tririga.util.startup.upgrade.AgentManagementUpgrade org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: CallableStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [{call nextval_notran(?, ?, ?)}]; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Procedure stockee 'nextval_notran' introuvable...

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How do you add the CI 12.1.4 menu with AutoCAD 2016?

I just installed CAD Integrator 12.1.4 and I use it with AutoCAD 2016. I can manually enter commands in the command line. But I don’t see the menu in the menu bar. I know that in the previous AutoCAD version, we have to use the classic workspace. What is the procedure to add the CAD Integrator menu in the menu bar? Do I create an AutoCAD classic workspace?

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.29.15 article by Autodesk Support. The AutoCAD classic workspace is not available in AutoCAD 2015 and later versions. But the classic workspace can still be added to the interface.]

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IV88018: Eclipse BIRT Designer fails to connect with TRIRIGA 3.5.1

The BIRT plugin that comes with TRIRIGA and 3.5.2 installs fine in Eclipse 4.3.1, but the connection to TRIRIGA fails. After installing BIRT Designer all-in-one with Eclipse Kepler version 4.3.1 as recommended in the Compatibility Matrix for 3.5.1, we went ahead and pointed to your TRIRIGA URL to install the 3.5.1 BIRT plugin version 1.0.1v201607281127: http:// <server>:<port>/<context>/eclipse. But when connecting to the /remote URL for 3.5.1, a connection error is thrown.

As a temporary fix, upgrade to the 2016 version of Eclipse (4.6) and the corresponding newer BIRT plugins, and you will able to use to the newer TRIRIGA 3.5.1 plugin. To render reports, a platform upgrade to 3.5.1 and later will need to be also upgraded to the 2016 version of Eclipse (4.6) and the corresponding newer BIRT plugins. This is a documentation APAR. We will update the Compatibility Matrix to reflect the use of the new correct version of Eclipse/BIRT.

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